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lightweight single-breasted jacket

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This average voter just wants one or either of them to get on with sorting out the present mess and neither a sports coat or navy blue shorts is going to do it.
Eyewitness Kent Kretzler said he saw Baumhammers walk out of the store wearing a sports coat and tucking his gun into his waistband.
To maintain a relaxed, yet professional look, men can try pleated trousers with silk or wool polo tops or sweaters, along with a sports coat and nubuck suede shoes.
Did Marty Robbins have a hit with A White Sports Coat And A Pink Carnation?
Our new line looks great under a sports coat, as a layering piece, and it can be worn at the office.
On the night of his disappearance he was wearing a Ralph Lauren dark winter sports coat with a red logo, a black polo t-shirt, black Lacoste jeans and black Lacoste trainers with white soles.
Each wears a suit or sports coat, shirt, tie, dress slacks and leather-soled shoes.
In their ready-to-wear department at the Cross Church Street shop, they offered an all wool sports coat at 67/6 (pounds 3 37p), a gabardine raincoat at 69/6 (pounds 3 50p) and grey worsted sports trousers at 37/6 (pounds 1 87p).
Selix Formalwear now provides suit rentals for that occasion when the dress code requires a suit or sports coat.
Many of the early-morning patrons showed up in sports coat and ties, en route to the office.
The other was 6ft and of medium build, wearing blue jeans, a blue sports coat and green jumper.
com for a Kelly-green tournament-worn sports coat by the immortal Minnesota Fats.
Insider'' host Pat O'Brien's face was as pink as his sports coat.
Hopper, with his gray goatee, baby blue sports coat, and beige knit sports shirt, looked more like a Silver Fox than an Easy Rider.
Author Bruce Wagner looked au courant in his bookish sports coat.