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Synonyms for spoor

evidence of passage left along a course followed by a hunted animal or fugitive

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the trail left by a person or an animal

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Most feline spoor studies have been investigated in snow (Hayward et al.
We wanted to spoor groups of three or more dagga boys in order to increase the odds of one of them supporting appropriate headgear.
The technology/curriculum committee researched many solutions and different options," says Spoor.
Die titel moet nie verstaan word as 'n letterlike tydsduur nie, hoewel presiese tydsduur in meer as een gedig in die bundel voorop kom staan; "op jou spoor", weer, kan dui op die aktiewe en die passiewe agtervolgingsinvalshoek sowel as in die betekenis van "in die spoor trap van iemand.
Spoor gave a presentation on network vulnerability and email archiving.
The Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel and Spa in Llangybi, near Usk, and proud manager, David Spoor
Human evolution (is) clearly not the straight line that it once was thought to be," study coauthor Fred Spoor said in a teleconference.
Carla Vermeulen, a spokeswoman for the HTM public transport network, said one tram slammed into the back of the other close to Holland Spoor station.
After so many years of questions about the identity of the enigmatic 1470 fossil, the chances that it's from a separate species have greatly improved with our new discoveries," says anthropologist and study coauthor Fred Spoor of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.
These "gaseous" collections of spoor dilute as they expand and, travel, but in optimum conditions can provide pretty good opportunity and reward to a diligent search.
Richard Spoor, the lead lawyer who a year ago secured a landmark Constitutional Court ruling allowing lung-diseased miners to sue their employers for substantial damages (under common law), said the application for certification of a class action, plus a process for establishing liability, would come before the South Gauteng High Court 'within months'.
Achieva officials Perry Goodbrake, vice president of risk management, and Mary Jones, vice president of loss prevention, presented the check to Ron Spoor, chief operating officer for Habitat Pinellas, and Vice President of Development Steve Lightburn.
With its feeble spoor of recycled plots (a sick lion
Spoor maintained that the grounds on which the mining licence was granted--as an expropriation and exploitation of natural mineral resources in the national interest and for the benefit of local communities--was fallacious.
DJs John Spoor and Scott Lummes will take Bahrain by storm as part of the popular Dusted club night at Cocoon Lounge tonight.