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Synonyms for spoonful

as much as a spoon will hold


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I only ventured to take one spoonful of it ("Sylvie's Summer-Soup," Bruno said it was), and must candidly confess that it was not at all nice; and I could not feel surprised that so many of the guests had kept their mouths shut up tight.
said Sylvie, who had put a spoonful of it to her lips, and was making a wry face over it.
As before, he put his left arm round the sick man's head, raised him up and gave him tea in spoonfuls, again blowing each spoonful steadily and earnestly, as though this process was the principal and most effective means towards his friend's recovery.
The doctor produced another spoonful of the elixir of life, and gravely repeated his first address to me.
Lay siege to the church, burst in the doors, drag out the beautiful girl, save her from the judges, save her from the priests, dismantle the cloister, burn the bishop in his palace--all this we will do in less time than it takes for a burgomaster to eat a spoonful of soup.
Captain Van Horn gave him, first of all, a pannikin of oatmeal mush, generously flooded with condensed cream and sweetened with a heaping spoonful of sugar.
Swallow a spoonful of sody, an' you'll sweeten up wonderful an' be more pleasant company.
Before that estimable lady could recover herself, or offer the slightest retaliation, she was forced into a kneeling posture by a crowd of shouting tormentors, and compelled to swallow a spoonful of the odious mixture, rendered more than usually savoury by the immersion in the bowl of Master Wackford's head, whose ducking was intrusted to another rebel.
He had scarcely swallowed the last spoonful, when there came a soft rap at the door.
Amy, who was fond of delicate fare, took a heaping spoonful, choked, hid her face in her napkin, and left the table precipitately.
3 Beat the egg with the sugar until light and fluffy and then add a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of the tea-infused dried fruit until all the mixture is incorporated.
Add a spoonful of the flour after each egg to prevent the mixture curdling.
2 Serve with a small spoonful of the brown crab meat, topped with a big spoonful of the white meat mixture, and some crunchy watercress on the side.
The perfect Liverpool fry-up in numbers: Two sausages Two rashers of bacon Two slices of toast Two spoonful's of beans Two spoonful's of mushroom Two hash browns One egg One tomato One slice of fried bread One slice of toast One spoonful of brown sauce 0 Black pudding
Put a good spoonful of the pudding mixture into the bottom of the ramekins.