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feeding someone (as a baby) from a spoon

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teaching in an overly simplified way that discourages independent thought

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The Association of Teachers and Lecturers called for a funda-mental debate on how exams are structured, claiming there is too much emphasis on spoonfeeding pupils information rather than challenging them to think.
This use of theatre is not a cathartic one, simply giving the oppressed a chance to get their grievances and frustrations off their chest; nor is it the 'banking' one of the spoonfeeding the oppressed with externally prescribed messages, fitting them into a stereotyped developmentalist mould.
The spoons are available in 18 eye-catching holographic color patterns and 7 sizes--the smallest of which is a 1/2-ouncer perfect for spoonfeeding walleyes on ice or open water.
It would be hideously wrong to put him through it, and the public are not so stupid as to need spoonfeeding with images that would be guaranteed to have this patently decent man crumpling needlessly once more in public.
On the other hand, if the controller has done his or her job, and despite the spoonfeeding you're still having a hard time of it, fess up.
Shifting from a sequential swallowing pattern to a single bolus swallow in spoonfeeding can be practiced using the spoon.
Then in Part II, "Hood River," she laments to her lover while traveling west with him: "How I wanted / west on 90, the sky spoonfeeding the Bozeman peaks, to look at you long enough that whatever veil / stops the moment from feeling real / suddenly lifts .
Of these, the primacy of institutional values, curriculum as the province of the professional, and spoonfeeding were found to be inhibiting dimensions for participation.
In the new war atmosphere, Americans are losing freedom of speech, with the military spoonfeeding them with what they ought to get from the war on terrorism.
After her mother saves her from starvation by spoonfeeding her soup made from their pet cat, Tania decides she must trek to the corn-growing region to get food before they all die.
RS: I would say that indirect statements give readers the chance to exercise their own creativity and to avoid the feeling that the writer is spoonfeeding them certain ways of thinking and seeing.
It offers a fat-free, nourishing diet of literary Persian, nicely balanced between spoonfeeding and self-service, with a generous selection of side dishes.
generally to guide the students, I don't see it as spoonfeeding (L8: Rehabilitation Sciences).
With more Americans joining up as players in policy, the press could gain a budding ally against official spoonfeeding of information and secretiveness.