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feed with a spoon

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teach without challenging the students

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She did not challenge students' learning; it was easier to spoonfeed them with the information she thought they needed to know rather than encouraging them to explore new boundaries.
First, a diverse set of leaders, across multiple disciplines was selected to provide the students "a microcosm of a liberal arts education" and to expand their "the multicultural sensitivity." In addition, the authors argue, "getting away from textbooks sharpens critical thinking, because textbooks 'spoonfeed' students by highlighting and summarizing the material." Among the reported lessons learned include the acknowledgement that "leaders sometimes fail and that success often follows failure", "leadership is both social and solitary", "leadership requires hard work and sacrifice (often at the expense of one's family and friends)" and that women and minorities face special challenges in leading.
It does not spoonfeed them with unremitting efforts to make successive situations readily believable, whether they are meeting a not-so-scary octopus or those snarly sharks.
TV is something that can sometimes spoonfeed you, but in theatre you have to work hard and become part of the struggle so you are challenged as an audience."
I have visions of popping into school at lunchtime to spoonfeed him!
They invested heavily in GOP state organization, made more explicit and operational a variety of ties between national corporate interests and state parties, and built a slew of supporting institutions to funnel money to emerging state Republican leaders and spoonfeed them reactionary policy suggestions to promote.
But it certainly is in Bush's interest to have Card, Rice, and Bush himself spoonfeed the great investigative reporter.
I dare say the lady is very nice but if she was really the same person who used to spoonfeed Parnevik with volcanic dust, telling him to eat it otherwise he wouldn't grow up to be the world's most bizarrely dressed golfer, she must be at least 54 by now.
But at a more visceral level, one can't help hoping that the James Loves and Jeff Chesters of the world spoonfeed Case and company some of their own medicine.
All three authors (as well as Vlastos, 98) stress that Socrates does not spoonfeed Meno's slaveboy geometrical axioms by rote, since Socrates on two occasions leads the slaveboy down the wrong path of thinking so that the boy can truly make his knowledge his own.
Steven Rosenbaum, the creator of "MTV News Unfiltered," says: "Part of what's changing in society is this top-down model where the media decide what's important and spoonfeed it to a docile, accepting public.
It's just plain easier to cover people in glitzy jobs, people who hold press conferences and have press offices that spoonfeed you prepared handouts, than to ferret out and report on those beneath them-like generals-in the more anonymous government positions, people who often wield as much or more real power.
The Taoiseach said he wouldn't "spoonfeed" him and advised the TD to "toddle along" and find out for himself.
"Although we don't spoonfeed staff, we make a range of opportunities available and encourage them to take charge of their own career plans by providing them with a supportive framework in which to do it.