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shaped in the form of a spoon

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Iron deficiency is also associated with koilonychias, which is a nail disease characterized by spoon-shaped nails.
This is according to researchers at the University of Nottingham who have devised equations to identify the physical laws that govern nail growth, and used them to throw light on the causes of some of the most common nail problems, such as ingrown toe nails, spoon-shaped nails and pincer nails.
The spoon-shaped leaves are great in a salad bowl, on a sandwich, or in a stir-fry.
The intricate swirl pattern had spoon-shaped, metal appliques that reflected the dramatic blue lighting.
Early versions were marrow spoons: they had a spoon-shaped bowl at one end and a narrow scoop at the other forming the handle with which to extract the marrow.
Baskin-Robbins said that over the course of the next two and a half years, over 300 new and remodelled franchise locations are expected to debut the new US store design, which is built around five core elements, including a newly designed menu board system with an LCD screen; eye-catching ice cream 'supergraphic' artwork; a wall that highlights the brand's legacy of flavours; an updated brand logo and whimsical pink spoon accents, including spoon-shaped door handles.
They produce densely packed rosettes of spoon-shaped leaves and flower freely in shades ranging from pink and red to white, cream and yellow.
Tarsi I-IV provided with 1 spoon-shaped + 2 leaf-like; 1 spoon-shaped + 3 leaf-like; 1 lancet- like + 1 leaf like; 1 spoon-shaped +1 leaf-like setae, respectively (Fig.
Fab spoon-shaped brush: if you twist it as you apply, you get no clumps no matter how many layers.
Genital setae: Spoon-shaped, slightly tetrahedral, ca 6 mm long, 0.
In addition to the long, pointy sabers, these included spoon-shaped incisors associated with modern herbivores, as well as large crowned teeth linked to animals like today's grass-eating cows.
The Falsies Mascara by Volum' Express offers a spoon-shaped brush with a flexor stem wand designed to sit perfectly along the lash line, cupping and fanning out the lashes.
chest, whispered in his spoon-shaped ears that it was easy to catch a
Amusette, a delightful spoon-shaped pastry, is already on sale through one top high street retailer while the crown-shaped Iris, and Annabelle, a single bite shell with a daisy petal rim, bring an added touch of class.
The roseate spoonbill, the most severely affected species in this case (100% mortality), is an aquatic bird of order Ciconiiformes with long spoon-shaped bill that occurs from the Southern North, Central and South America, and in Brazil, principally in the CentralWestern region (CORNELL, 2008).