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He also asserted that it was not possible to spoon-feed a region only by centre and state sponsorships.
The triumph of style over substance; manipulation of the media; the use of vast amounts of money to swing the vote; and the apparent dumbing down of issues to spoon-feed the electorate were all aspects of Kennedy's 1960 election campaign.
Why do people want to spoon-feed us while we have enough food," he said adding "how can you possibly imagine and say you are hungry while I am not.
Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher, a well-known Australian ethicist, issued a similar challenge to Ford: If continuing to live is unworthy of human dignity with patients incapable of recovery, he asked, why spoon-feed an incapacitated person?
He has been robbed even of the ability to chew, so a nurse must spoon-feed him every meal.
Cathexis cites the following behaviors -- heretofore considered unremarkable by psychiatrists -- as evidence of Napoleon's borderline personality disorder: his frequent screaming fits when his wife Josephine refused to spoon-feed him at state dinners; his reckless impulsiveness, evidenced by reports that the diminutive commander snuck up behind his lieutenants with a tiding crop and a croissant and delivered what he called "les tromps de la guerre;" his fear of being abandoned and unloved, which predictably enough caused lifelong bedwetting and an urge to control everybody, everywhere, all the time; and his periodic delusions of grandeur, during which he repeatedly claimed to be a 6'8" Nubian goat herder sent to France on a secret mission for the Sun God.
Once you find somebody to spoon-feed you chocolate mousse," the site touts, "lingerie this good keeps him around.