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in an unnatural eery manner


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The spookily life-like wax models of Naill Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles were greeted by screaming fans at the museum on Thursday.
The figures, on display in England's most northerly Cathedral, are life-size and made from strong cardboard and spray-painted with textured paint, and look spookily like the steel structure.
One can also visit historic Nob Hill of San Francisco, which covers the documented history of the city as well as speculative supernatural events, and where attendees are also encouraged to dress spookily.
Night Shyamalan surprised everyone with this spookily brilliant supernatural thriller.
But, more spookily, in the graveyard Alice's silver cross has suddenly appeared on her gravestone.
The narrative is full of dramatic incident, the setting is spookily romantic and the eerie atmosphere and tension are well maintained.
His backing singer Nicole Jackson gave a rendition of I'll Be There which sounded spookily like Tito's late brother.
Dear Editor, Spookily, the day Birmingham City Council decided to do away with apostrophes (report - January 29) was the same day that I ran a short training session with members of our staff on the importance of using grammar correctly.
Ben Whishaw looks spookily accurate during the period when Dylan became obsessed with Rimbaud and Richard Gere plays a recluse with a dark secret.
Organiser Mike James, owner of the Weird and Wonderful stall in the Rag Market, said he hoped the day would be spookily special.
Even Jared's determined mother and his always ebullient younger sister Mopsy are dismayed by the daughter, who is spookily silent, traumatized by terrible events she has experienced, and by the father, who has had both hands cut off, but they all do their best to help the family adjust to life in the US.
SINGER and astrologer Susan Bluechild is preparing for a spookily fantastic gig on Halloween Night.
Someone in Sydney worried about his insubstantial nature for a naturalistic heart located in roughly the right spot in the silhouette's chest now spookily fades in and out when he first appears.
They looked spookily real, which I thought made for great TV,'' says Rick Krim, executive vice president of music talent at VH1.
Mere observers, our observation shows us a world that is spookily unfathomable.