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Synonyms for spoof

Synonyms for spoof

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

make a parody of

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Agari found that 90 percent of the about 400 government domains the firm protects were targeted by deceptive emails with spoofed federal domains between April and October of this year.
Once activated through the spoofed invite link only way to remove the vulnerability is to reset the application through settings or to install the application again after a complete uninstall process.
When the senior police officers suspected foul play, they contacted the DGP's office and found that his number was spoofed. A case was registered and the STF was asked to investigate it.
A spoofed email does not originate from the real source but from a different source falsifying the name and address with an ulterior motive.
To report a spoofed Facebook page, you need to first have a Facebook account: then go to the spoofed profile, click the button next to "Message" and select "Report/Block." Then click, "This profile/timeline is pretending to be someone or is fake", and then "Pretending to be me" and finally, "Continue." If you have been spoofed on Twitter, file a report at this address: https://support.twitter.com/forms/impersonation.
But the intent of attackers is to launch uncontrollable spoofed packets and to shutdown the service of DC.
He uploaded the code for the original Axis Chrome extension and his own spoofed one to GitHub.
The BNP highlighted the Marmite advertising campaign featuring the Hate Party, which the BNP claims "smeared and spoofed" its 2009 European election broadcast and made fun of an incident which saw Mr Griffin attacked outside Westminster.
Cloverfield and Indian Jones are spoofed too, as is Amy Winehouse (Nicole Parker, above,) who offers a doom laden prophecy that the world will end if a stolen skull isn't returned to it's rightful place.
The hacking occurs through spoofed interactive voice response systems, which replicate a bank's voicemail system and ask customers via e-mail to call a telephone number and enter their PIN and account number to register.
This is particularly important with fraudulent e-mails that depend on faked ("spoofed") addresses.
Accompanying the boom of online commerce is an increasing number of spoofed sites used in phishing email attacks.
As such, the Message Level Protocol creates an impenetrable solution against email fraud, guarantees 100% detection of spoofed emails, and generates absolutely no false positives.
According to Microsoft, "a malicious user could create a link to a deceptive (spoofed) Web site that displays the address, or URL, to a legitimate Web site in the status bar, address bar and title bar." Users would therefore believe they were accessing a genuine site, but were really going to one that is fake.
This is often defined as "creative criticism." That is, to create effective parody, one must be thoroughly versed in the subject being spoofed. Thus, parody is the most palatable of critical approaches, offering insights through laughter.