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Synonyms for spontaneousness

the quality of being spontaneous and coming from natural feelings without constraint


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High conscientiousness indicates stubborn and obsessive attitude while low conscientiousness is related with flexibility and spontaneousness but such people may be sloppy and unreliable too.
So I just started using them, and I like both--I love the spontaneousness of Meerkat and I love the logo, but I also love that with Periscope you can just install all your videos and people can see your old videos, almost like a diary.
What else would we have to bang on about in the office the following morning were it not for the likes of Johnny Vegas' annual off-the-cuff ranting (once wildly spontaneousness, but ironically something you can now set your watch by), the naffness of host Jonathan Ross' tumbleweed-inducing monologue and an overexcited (and hugely bladdered) Alan Carr kissing a mortifiedlooking David Mitchell full on the lips?
The sense of spontaneousness that often characterizes populist movements means that they tend to be short-lived and episodic, emerging as political phenomena that occupy only discrete "populist moments" in history.
that's still the case but I'm noticing in more recent days a revival of courage, neighbourliness, mutual support, spontaneousness acts of kindness.