spontaneous combustion

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ignition of a substance (as oily rags) resulting from an internal oxidation process

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No wonder, then, that Moscow has claimed that the convoy was victim to spontaneous combustion rather than the airstrike that U.
Standard fire policy excludes the risk of self heating / spontaneous combustion, fire directly caused by its ownheating / fermentation / spontaneous combustion through the following express conditions as incorporated in standard fire policy form.
Spontaneous combustion is something that sounds like it's right out of a horror movie.
There were even firefighters in the adjoining house spraying the dividing wall to prevent spontaneous combustion.
In August 1838, a fire attributed to spontaneous combustion started in a brick factory and machine shop on this street.
The apparent cause of the fire was hot coal from spontaneous combustion in the coal storage silo," he said.
After the formation of gel, spontaneous combustion occurred due to increasing the heat and the materials were converted into powder.
The method of the invention is environmentally-friendly or "green," since the regeneration method does not use chemicals, includes a shorter period of treatment at higher temperature avoiding the risks of rubber cracking and spontaneous combustion, and further allowing mass-production of regenerated rubber with lower energy consumption.
The analysis of this sampling has identified that there has been a further spontaneous combustion event, most probably in the pit bottom.
It was reported that the president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov emphasized the importance of comprehensive measures to prevent possible spontaneous combustion of crops and harvest.
MORE than 20 firefighters tackled a huge barn fire in Kirkheaton in a case of suspected spontaneous combustion.
UCL'S Adam Papaphilippopoulos sending University Challenge's poor announcer into spontaneous combustion every time he pressed his buzzer.
Volume 1 contains 19 chapters addressing coal formation, coal-mining techniques, and spontaneous combustion and coal petrology, for example, and a mix of technical issues and policy and environmental concerns.
Tuesday's explosion was caused by spontaneous combustion of factory produce, according to the police.
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