spontaneous abortion

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The adverse reproductive outcomes considered include spontaneous abortions, intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight, and birth defects.
After spontaneous abortion, family planning needs were inconsistently addressed; women were generally receptive to the idea of contraceptive counseling, although they had different preferences regarding timing.
Heart rate as a predictor of first-trimester spontaneous abortion after ultrasound proven viability.
KEY WORDS: Abortion, Factors, Case Control Studies, Miscarriage, Socioeconomic, Spontaneous Abortion.
From 2009 to 2013, we collected 840 chorionic samples from patients who had spontaneous abortion from our hospital.
Women with depression often ask about the risks of preterm birth and spontaneous abortion associated with antidepressants.
WBC, N, L and NLR were positive predictive markers, and albeit with low sensitivity and specificity, MPV, PLR were found to be a negative predictive marker for the evaluation of spontaneous abortion
The recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions. Most of these losses are unrecognised and affect around 1% of the childbearing population [1, 2] Adequate and appropriate vasculogenesis and angiogenesis are requirements for successful continuation of pregnancy.
The researchers found that among women with distal 4vHPV exposure, 10.4 percent experienced a spontaneous abortion. Spontaneous abortions occurred in 11.2 percent of women with peripregnancy exposure and 8.6 percent with pregnancy exposure.
Family history and a history of spontaneous abortion were significantly associated with premature delivery (p<0.05 each).
Finally, a patient who does not fit any of the other categories is classified as likely having had a spontaneous abortion. Only one patient in our sample was classified as probably having had an induced abortion, so we merged that case with the possibly induced abortion group to create three categories: "certainly induced," "possibly induced" and "spontaneous."
However, a recently published analysis of data from the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) raised concern about the potential risk of spontaneous abortion following seasonal influenza vaccination (Vaccine.
Most commonly, the condition is diagnosed by karyotyping of spontaneous abortion specimens; but placental histology in such cases has not been reported [10,15].
A total of 51 contraceptives were evaluated and the resolution of the FDA is expected to 'clear' these commodities as nonabortifacient, or not causing or leading to spontaneous abortion. Contraceptives found to be nonabortifacient will then be issued certificates of product registration, effectively lifting the Supreme Court's 40-month-old temporary restraining order dating back to June 2015.
Although a recent case-control study found that the odds ratio of spontaneous abortion in women who received the pH1 N1 vaccine (a vaccine that differs from the current quadrivalent vaccine) 2 years in a row was 6.5, compared with 1.3 in women who were not vaccinated with the pH1 N1 vaccine in 2 consecutive seasons, more research is needed.