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Synonyms for sponsor



Synonyms for sponsor

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

to act as a patron to

Synonyms for sponsor

an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc

assume sponsorship of

assume responsibility for or leadership of

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The sessions focus on key topics as well as the main strengths of the sponsoring firms; and sponsors like the fact that they are the main focus of the evening and are not competing with others.
The employer sponsoring the plan should communicate regularly with the new service provider--especially during the transition--to make sure nothing gets lost or garbled in the transition.
FICC said it expected to have additional sponsoring banks - and more mutual funds - in the program before the end of this year.
I congratulate Coors for sponsoring this valuable leadership initiative and look forward to helping young people succeed in the music industry.
ATLANTA -- S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), a leading global provider of integrated front-office applications for financial institutions, will be kicking off the company's sixth annual customer conference next week along with more than 45 sponsoring companies.
Both the sponsoring and sponsored members have a great deal to gain from this new model," said Jeff Ingber, DTCC's General Manager, Fixed Income Clearance and Settlement.
Robotics Trends and IDG World Expo today announced that John Deere is sponsoring RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition, the business development event for mobile robotics and intelligent systems.
Sponsoring water agencies provide each team with $3,000 to equip their boat and for related expenses.
Preston Gates is in the forefront of sponsoring organizations, such as FWE, that help promote, educate and grow the Orange County business community.
In addition, the following media companies are sponsoring the conference: Business Week, Forbes, Financial Times, InformationWeek, Modern Healthcare, Optimize, and the Wall Street Journal.
The Builder's Circle(SM), the residential building industry's only multi-manufacturer loyalty program designed exclusively for small- to medium-size homebuilders and remodelers of all sizes, today announced it has added eight well-known brands to its list of sponsors, bringing the total of sponsoring manufacturer brands to thirty.
In addition, the company will be sponsoring the league cup for the first time as the "Siemens Mobile Super Cup".