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Synonyms for sponginess

the porosity of a sponge

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the property of being able to occupy less space

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If those hurdles can be overcome, the material could be useful in the Arctic because it retains its sponginess even in extreme cold.
Miller: Even with the economy having some sponginess to it, and/ or we go to the arena's financing part, with sponsors, it's been a question of, "We're looking to advertise somewhere.
Some of the reasons given for the preferences were: the pineapple flavour in the test samples; the sponginess, softness, better mouth-feel, and nicer yellow colour of the muffins from the fortified flour, and the higher crispiness and pleasant flavour of the cookies from the fortified flour.
To increase the sponginess of either type of soil and prepare it for the task of growing vegetables, a thorough digging is in order to incorporate spaces for air and organic matter, such as grass clippings or compost.
It's thick, cooked medium as requested and the bun was good quality -- no falling-apart sponginess.
The thumb safety clicks up and down with the proper authority--no sponginess here--and the grip safety is well-timed.
When it comes to weather, I miss that old man from North Yorkshire whose forecasts based on spawning frogs and the sponginess of lichen tended to have an unerring quality to them.
what sponginess what slippage this worldifying inside the box
Recent advances in fiber application technology (such as using functional cellulose in bakery products to increase specific volume and improve the sponginess of chemically leavened items) have opened up a new horizon to food scientists," he said.