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Synonyms for sponginess

the porosity of a sponge

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the property of being able to occupy less space

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When it comes to weather, I miss that old man from North Yorkshire whose forecasts based on spawning frogs and the sponginess of lichen tended to have an unerring quality to them.
what sponginess what slippage this worldifying inside the box
Recent advances in fiber application technology (such as using functional cellulose in bakery products to increase specific volume and improve the sponginess of chemically leavened items) have opened up a new horizon to food scientists," he said.
The scent, color and sponginess of these little rolls coming out of the oven, slathered with European butter, makes "bread monsters" of friends and family.
Studying sheep brain sections under the microscope, Hadlow identified cerebellar holes and sponginess as also occur in the brains of kuru and CJD victims, while it also affected the cerebral cortex in CJD, but not in kuru victims.
ConAgra Mills did extensive research and development on whole grain products and realized a barrier existed - many consumers didn't like the grainy texture or strong taste of whole grain products, but rather prefer the lighter color, sponginess and mild flavor of products made with refined white flour.
Issues with colour absorption and retention, and sponginess and matting when wet, are also porosity issues, but on a more severe level.
Its sponginess makes it vexingly hard to keep one's balance, but then, it also makes spiraling down it relatively painless.