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Synonyms for sponger

Synonyms for sponger

a workman employed to collect sponges

a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage

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Spongers and nonspongers live side by side, so Krutzen dismisses the possibility that ecological factors drive sponge carrying.
I think the finding that spongers have no fitness advantage over non-spongers despite supposedly higher costs is exciting," says Michael KrE-tzen an expert in cetacean behaviour at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.
Let me tell you, not everyone on this benefit are spongers, as you so call them.
Gerard Quirke, defending, said Demeke was not a sponger and had worked hard after landing the job.
I am not a sponger, but a hard-working person who only wants the best for her child.
AN astonishing war of words has erupted between the Royals and Simon Cowell after he claimed Prince Philip called him a sponger.
He also alleged Prince Philip called him a sponger.
The police have also handed over these minor spongers multiple times to Edhi but they reemerge from the surroundings of the shrine' he deplored.
One like Ben Bradley, who believes the unemployed are nothing but feckless spongers who need punishing.
There are of course some genuine and honest members of the Lords but my comments are directed at the spongers who know who they are.
Description : The objective of the project is to assist the spongers in The Bahamas to increase their global market share through the following activities i) surveying the current state of the Bahamian sponge industry to look at the sustainability and capacity of the natural resource.
And most certainly not on the Royal Family and all of its parasite spongers.
Spongers We are not just talking about the homeless relying on soup kitchens at this time of year - those stereotypes don't apply any more.
It should be a great shame for the Bahraini authorities - government, governorates, councils - spongers all of them on the goodwill of a group of dedicated citizens bent on rescuing animals from starvation and death.
Now, American Republican candidate Mitt Romney has blundered with a comment writing off 47 per cent of Americans as spongers.