sponge off

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clean with a sponge, by rubbing


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She said: "The Duke said to us, 'Who do you sponge off? "We're all married so it's our husbands.
During the wintertime, sponge off salt stains with clear water.
The ex-soldier, 65, wants to form his own "anti-Paki" party to campaign against immigrants he says sponge off the state.
It's easier to sponge off the rest of society, rather make the effort to earn a living for themselves.
On the other, we picture our kids becoming slobs who will sponge off us forever.
* Encourage the individual to shower or bathe, or sponge off with cool water.
THE Duke of Edinburgh, right, was back to his uncompromising best during a visit to a community centre, asking one group of women, "who do you sponge off?" Philip's comment was taken in good humour by Nusrat Zamir, a trustee of the Chadwell Heath Community Centre, the Queen and Duke's first stop during their tour of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham to mark its 50th anniversary.
haven''t worked Avoiding paid They sponge off - it is regarded Clearly these into gainful how the Those counted as employed include those on government schemes.
Until the fat cats change their ways And show us that they've tried To help, not sponge off all of us, Then let them stay outside.
In a country where people sponge off the benefit system, it's incredible that someone who deserves the money is being so badly let down.
It's a great story and one that bucks the myth that immigrants move here just to sponge off our system.
He said: "He thinks because he chooses to work with young criminals it gives him the right to sponge off the state.
Seems Blair resents the fact that he can't afford a pad in Chiantishire (Tuscany) along with all the other well-heeled Socialists who have second homes there, so it's become traditional for Tony, Cherie and fam-ily to sponge off whichever Italian politician offers free board and lodgings during August.
The Tory and Labour coalition will demand a change in the law so that would-be immigrants no longer sponge off the state.