sponge off

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clean with a sponge, by rubbing


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During the wintertime, sponge off salt stains with clear water.
Seems Blair resents the fact that he can't afford a pad in Chiantishire (Tuscany) along with all the other well-heeled Socialists who have second homes there, so it's become traditional for Tony, Cherie and fam-ily to sponge off whichever Italian politician offers free board and lodgings during August.
The best thing about the movie is Kilmer's charming, manipulative and utterly despicable interpretation of the legendarily endowed John Holmes, well past his porn-star prime and too blitzed to do much more than sponge off dangerous dealers and lie to his adoring teenage girlfriend.
Myth No2 - Immigrants and refugees sponge off the state.
One newspaper has branded Tony "Lo Scroccone", which is apparently a term of contempt reserved for scroungers who sponge off the state.
On the other, we picture our kids becoming slobs who will sponge off us forever.
Encourage the individual to shower or bathe, or sponge off with cool water.
Student docents invited visitors to sponge off the paint, and as the sponge was repeatedly rinsed in the bowl, the washbasin's negative message about the value of women's achievements was gradually obscured.
Despite these massive resources the unions continue to sponge off the taxpayers to an unprecedented degree and is a legacy of Tony Blair's reign who organised it for personal gain.
In a country where people sponge off the benefit system, it's incredible that someone who deserves the money is being so badly let down.
The "likes of you" may have to fend for themselves for once if "the likes of us" from Bootle (from Switch Island to the docks) get our way and who would you sponge off then?
They don't; they come from all over the world to sponge off a country which stupidly gives them benefits, often in excess of what it gives its own citizens.
They are here to sponge off social security, run prostitutes, get free treatment on the NHS.
The ex-soldier, 65, wants to form his own "anti-Paki" party to campaign against immigrants he says sponge off the state.