sponge down

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clean with a sponge, by rubbing


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wash with a sponge

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Along the route many water stops are positioned, enabling the horse to drink and keep hydrated, and when they stop for water the crew are there ready to sponge down horse (and rider!), keeping them cool, and helping in their re-hydration.
She makes fun of 'the modern imagination' that Romans 'wiped their bottoms' with a sponge on a stick, arguing that the evidence for this 'does not stretch very far beyond the gruesome anecdote told by Seneca about the German prisoner who killed himself by stuffing the lavatory sponge down iris throat rather than face the beasts in the arena'.
The $42 million bakery, which opened in July, was equipped with air jets that were supposed to puncture the sponge automatically, but the system wasn't working correctly, so workers were required to beat the sponge down manually with their hands or paddles.
The instructions assured me I could put the cream on my legs, jump into the shower then simply sponge down my legs after a few minutes.
They kept trying to sponge down my face with cold water and all I could do was shout 'be careful of my hair' because I didn't want it to go all curly
Also, press the sponge down at slightly different angles each time so that you don't end up with a distinctive pattern which will be difficult to repeat all the way round the room.
"But Mary Tudor wasn't herself until late that night and it took ages to sponge down all the sweat from her back and flanks."