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you wash your body with a sponge or washcloth instead of in a bathtub

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The older folks still think we're the ones who do the sponge baths, but it's the nursing assistants who do," she said.
I explained to her that she must absolutely not do that since the filter does not remove all the fluoride--and if she wants to save her life, she will have to take sponge baths in distilled water or showers with a "camping shower" filled with distilled water.
I feed him his meals and give him his sponge baths.
They just say, "Don't worry, honey," and go home and substitute sponge baths for bathing, resulting in skin breakdown, and stop cooking, resulting in nutritional status deterioration.
The astronauts were unable to take baths or showers, washing instead with a large hand cleaner and wet wipes for sponge baths.
Sponge baths are okay, but there's nothing like a shower to rinse off the day's grime.
Asking during one of Ruby's convalescent sponge baths, Did you wash your little sister, hon?
The Medicare and Medicaid Acts provide reimbursement to poor and elderly patients for medical treatment they receive in a hospital or skilled nursing facility along with related nonmedical nursing care, such as bed pans and sponge baths.