sponge bath

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you wash your body with a sponge or washcloth instead of in a bathtub

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I ended up having to, like, bathe her in a sponge bath.
While administering a sponge bath to the patient, Nurse Viray performed nonconsentual oral copulation on the patient.
If sufficient water is not on hand for bathing, airmen should clean themseves by means of a sponge bath using solution-impregnated pads, a damp rag, or a dry, clean cloth.
I grew to relish even the most menial tasks in cheese maintenance, like the ceremonious ablution of a molding rind, which involves a delicate sponge bath in white vinegar.
After a shower or sponge bath, she will help them choose what they are going to wear.
Soak your childs entire body in cool water or give your child a sponge bath using cool water.
Get a distiller and take a gallon of the distilled water, warm it, and pour it into a sink or basin--then take a sponge bath.
A good old-fashioned sponge bath works wonders, and is very refreshing.
James Ayotte said patrons called police after they found a man they didn't recognize taking a sponge bath in the men's room at the Joseph P.
Above: Emily enjoys a sponge bath given by Fischer and Bernier.
Tell them to have a sponge bath if the heat really gets them down.
For anything beyond a sponge bath, there is one room at the top of the stairs, featuring a substantial tub, that must be used by all of the inn's guests (though, fortunately, not at the same time).
Surely the level of sexiness in sponge bath candidates must have dropped since Sid James passed away.