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of or consisting of spondees

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The spondaic lowering process shows that in words with an exceptional stress pattern (paroxitons with a heavy final syllable) the mid vowel is always produced as mid-low ([re'porter] 'reporter'/ 'reporter', ['se.zar] 'Cesar'/ 'Ceasar').
The Staggered Spondaic Words (SSW) test [15], a measure of dichotic listening, presents 40 pairs of "spondaic" words, each "spondee" consisting of two complete one syllable words (e.g., "cupcake") spoken with equal emphasis on both syllables.
I noticed that the meter in the Book of Zambas ta contained that evidence, but had overlooked or forgotten Emmerick's prior observation about butte occurring in spondaic endings.
(3.1.49-57) In stark contrast to Macbeth's breached ramparts, affording "ruin's wasteful entrance," stands the impregnable moral fortress safeguarding Banquo's "royalty of nature." The spondaic feet "Reigns that" and, in the preceding line, "Stick deep" establish the emphatic opposition between the virtuous self-mastery of Banquo and the "unmann'd" (3.4.73) Macbeth who on his own admission wantonly ransomed his "eternal jewel [...] to the common Enemy of man" (3.1.69-70).
Yet her own haunting spondaic rhythm serves as a quiet drum roll for the funereal list of family members that follows, until the style metamorphoses within a page, in Ruth Stone's account of her grandfather's westering to a land of "uncountable mountains" (4).
That "but," in terms of emphasis, changes his spondaic (though punning) "I am" to a more trochaic "[no,] / am; I am," suggesting that if one is far from normal, then the other cannot be.
An exploration of the anxious delight of inevitable perpetual change, the poem celebrates the ongoing metamorphosis that announces itself in the first two words, "Flow, flow," foregrounded by their opening repetition and spondaic meter (a sort of counterpoint to Tennyson's "Break, break, break/On thy cold grey stones, O Sea!").
Because the musicality of the poem is impeded by these harsh spondaic phrases, Scroggins suggests that what is being described is not language "made free," but a mere pretense of freedom.
The tale recounted that the man only began to respond to reason when the mode of the music was changed to the slow and rhythmic Spondaic mode (Book I, Part 1).
Chesterton's reversed trochaic and spondaic rhythm echoes this divine reversal--i.e., God's refusal to grow weary and angry at human sinning.
spondaic substitutions in lines 2 and 9: "and the bough yellows in
The two most effective (most information provided in the least amount of time) were the Staggered Spondaic Words and the Gaps in Noise tests.
Canto II, in fact, provides many of the key rhythmic signatures which would haunt the work as a whole, with its spondaic compounds ("pad-foot," "lynx-purr," and so on) combining with an incantatory use of the present tense to produce a space in which the mind can free itself from the dense particularity of the historical materials which press upon it.
Pound's line-despite the pyrrhic and spondaic feet with which it (appropriately) heaves away-sticks in my mind because of those strong initial iambs.
I often saw her darting between the buildings with a clipboard in hand and her navy blue pumps clicking their spondaic rhythm on the brick walks.