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(law) the intentional destruction of a document or an alteration of it that destroys its value as evidence

the act of stripping and taking by force

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It added: "Evidence spoliation as a result of destructive testing may have already occurred.
Pull current backup tapes from rotation or recycling to ensure data is preserved without risk of spoliation.
WebPreserver simplifies eDiscovery and case preparation for web and social media related legal cases such as online harassment, cyber crime, doxxing, IP infringement and social media spoliation.
They may be asking themselves: Where is the line between avoiding spoliation sanctions and keeping massive discovery costs down?
Subsequent chapters cover Rule 11 pleadings and written motions, multiplying litigation unreasonably, bad faith litigation abuse, frivolous appeals, Rule 16 (f), discovery abuse, local federal court rules, and spoliation.
Although the general obligation to preserve documents and potential penalties for spoliation are clear, the scope of the required preservation is often unclear.
L'Algerie comptait plus de 400 salles de cinema ce qui prouve l'engouement des Algeriens a ces salles obscures, ont indique ces critiques, ajoutant que les premieres fictions nationales traitaient du colonialisme et du mouvement de liberation et mettaient a nu de maniere realiste et objective les differentes formes de spoliation, d'expropriation et de deportation massive auxquelles faisaient face les citoyens algeriens.
Cette baisse "significative" est due essentiellement aux mesures prises par le "Comite de lutte contre la spoliation des bagages", mis en place, en septembre par l'ONDA, ajoute la meme source.
ISSUE: Was Spoliation of Evidence a factor in this case?
In the Zubulake series of opinions, Judge Scheindlin brought into focus the foundational legal principles relevant to modern discovery practice: preservation, production, and spoliation (4) of electronically stored information.
What is spoliation, and how do we prevent a charge of spoliation from being lodged against our company or practice?
The plaintiffs' second cause of action sought recovery of damages for negligent spoliation of evidence based upon the destruction of Robert Hillman's records at a time when dr.
To avoid spoliation, a company must know when it has an obligation to preserve information and what information it must preserve.
Perhaps the forthcoming increase in the cost of petrol will curb their enthusiasm for the spoliation of a beautiful wilderness in the future.
Under the Bill, which covers bodies such as the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum, the Spoliation Advisory Panel will assess whether a work of art was looted and recommend to the Culture Secretary if it should be returned.