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(law) the intentional destruction of a document or an alteration of it that destroys its value as evidence

the act of stripping and taking by force

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Damages for spoliation of evidence are significant, resulting in discovery sanctions such as the barring of a party from introducing evidence or asserting a theory of defense, or an adverse jury instruction in which the jury is told that it can draw a negative inference against the party that lost the evidence.
Although courts generally agree that a spoliation inference is appropriate only if the spoliating party has violated a duty to preserve evidence, (19) courts have disagreed about two possible additional requirements for the inference.
In its decision, the circuit court first ruled that looking solely to the specific claims that Rivera asserted against White Racing -- spoliation and failure to cooperate under Fla.
En depit de cette avancee, la lutte contre la spoliation fonciere reste freinee par le principe de bonne foi.
In 2000, the UK Government established the Spoliation Advisory Panel to examine claims for Nazi-looted art in British collections.
The requirement or duty to preserve case evidence long predated the digital age and arose from a party's common law duty to avoid spoliation of relevant evidence so it would be available for use at trial.
With Exterro Employee Change Monitor, Swift will reduce the risk of spoliation due to employee transfers and termination, change the way work occurs on its legal team and automate a number of compliance activities.
Given that most documents and communications are now transmitted and stored electronically, the potential for spoliation of evidence exists not only with physical artifacts, but also with the preservation of documents and electronically stored information, called "ESI.
Le dossier de spoliation du foncier de la region de Sidi Ahmed, sur les hauteurs de la ville de Skikda, a ete transfere devant le procureur general pres la cour de justice, a indique, jeudi dernier, le wali, Faouzi Benhassine.
The doctrines governing how courts respond to spoliation are well established.
He covers reuse as repair: the "Inscription Wall" at Aegina; reuse as reinterpretation: section R at Sparta; reuse as rejection: the fortress at Isthmia; and spoliation as process, military strategy and democratization.
In particular, Rule 37(e) addresses spoliation within e-discovery, and the changes were designed to address the disparity among different courts on the effects of failing to preserve, as well as the risks parties face with spoliation sanctions.
She also spoked to about the five major themes that arose most commonly in the researched opinions: production, preservation and spoliation, cost considerations, procedural issues and sanctions.
Provided that there is no violation of the rules or substantive law pertaining to the preservation and/or spoliation of evidence, the inquirer also may advise that a client remove information relevant to the foreseeable proceeding from social media pages as long as the social media information or data is preserved.
The recent Spoliation Advisory Panel Report concerning Constable's Beaching a Boat, Brighton (1) is important not only because the cultural object involved is a major work in a national collection, but also because of the insights that the Report gives into the continuing development of the principles employed by the Panel in reaching its recommendations.