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Synonyms for spokesman

a person who speaks on behalf of another or others

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a male spokesperson

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Southern LINC(R), the wireless communications service from Southern Company (NYSE: SO), announced today that Major League All-Star Pitcher and Cy Young Award winner John Smoltz has been re-signed as the company's spokesman after a successful relationship in 2003.
Ehsan was a former spokesman of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and he later joined the splinter Jamaat ul Ahrar and used to claim responsibility for attacks in Pakistan.
At a weekly briefing, Spokesman Mark Toner, while responding to a question that Pakistan was trying to make efforts to fight against the terror groups that threatens all Pakistanis.
Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuez, D-Los Angeles, said through a spokesman that he respects the ``independent'' decision made by the commission.
Ed McMahon, a veteran of television since the 1950's including 34 years working with Johnny Carson, along with many successful corporate and product spokesman positions, is familiar to the American public.
mutual interest, and also in the interest of the region,' the spokesman stated.
The spokesman further said they would not face any difficulty with the Taliban factions on any decision.
He's always believed that we have to honor the consent decree that was entered into,'' said Villaraigosa spokesman Nathan James.
The ownership details and support for the bidding consortia cited in the complaint were fully disclosed," the Lynch Interactive spokesman said.
The Spokesman mentioned that Pakistan was highlighting the plight of
The spokesman said that all postings and transfers have been done after due diligence, examination and deliberations in consultation with Establishment Division on the basis of reports and summaries from ministries concerned highlighting and underscoring need for change of incumbents either for inefficiency, incompetence or on grounds of unsuitability etc.
Shasta Nation officials said Tuesday that they are alarmed by the letters and that they have no intention of starting a casino in Los Angeles County, a spokesman said.
Pakistan will be ready for talks when India will be ready," the Foreign Office Spokesman said in a weekly press briefing held here at the Foreign Office.
LAHORE -- A spokesman of Health Department Punjab has said that there is no truth in the news that the Health Department is not releasing funds for repair of angiography machine of Mayo Hospital.