spoils system

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the system of employing and promoting civil servants who are friends and supporters of the group in power

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Analyst Terry Lynn Karl says: "In the manner of a petro-state, rent seeking had become the central organizing principle of the [country's] political and economic life, and the ossified political institutions in existence operated primarily to perpetuate an entrenched spoils system.
The whole discussion of merits (qualifications, knowledge, competences) versus spoils system (the use of kinship, political party membership, money, bribe, acquaintances) in employment within the bureaucracy has been supported by substantial research.
This antiquated international spoils system is a leftover of the post-World War II order, in which the victorious powers divided the leading positions in the world economic institutions among themselves.
In the context of nineteenth-century presidents, Summers concludes, Lincoln managed to use the spoils system "in a masterful way" (40).
The idea is to open up political space to tribes and clans that have been left out of the existing spoils system.
The secretaries who focused on budgetary matters at best restrained spending in peacetime but failed to systemically alter the spoils system used by the services in the wake of the intense budget battle between the Navy and the Air Force in 1948.
The dedication may have also jangled these advocates of the canon because Hawthorne's focus on Pierce's "kindness" valorized an aspect of Jacksonian democracy most opposed to the establishment of authority based on quality: the spoils system.
Barack Obama's nomination of a soi disant "wise Latina woman" to the Supreme Court looked for a moment as if it might prompt a national debate on the racial spoils system euphemistically known as "affirmative action.
The spoils system in US government exemplified such characteristics.
According to the NYT, money for many of the local construction projects still under way is divided up by a spoils system controlled by neighborhood politicians and tribal chiefs.
of North Carolina-Charlotte) looks at the US procurement system, long assumed to have been the usual spoils system in which elected officials used government jobs and contracts to reward party faithful.
Routine assumptions about patronage and the spoils system have been challenged by political reformers, though one of the most ardent of them, Sir Robert Borden, needed the accident of a coalition "Unionist" coalition government to make serious headway with civil service reform.
He later told me that for years he had worried about the entrenched spoils system that DeLay epitomized, warning his colleagues: "We've got to change our ways, or this stuff is going to come back and bite us.
Since being ousted, Bahr ul-Ulum has spoken out against the spoils system.