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Synonyms for spoiler

a candidate with no chance of winning but who may draw enough votes to prevent one of the leading candidates from winning

someone who pampers or spoils by excessive indulgence

an airfoil mounted on the rear of a car to reduce lift at high speeds

a hinged airfoil on the upper surface of an aircraft wing that is raised to reduce lift and increase drag

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To find out what kind of spoiler you are, visit: Spoilers.
As a result, during the series finale of Breaking Bad , Netflix launched Spoiler Foiler for fans to block tweets that would give away the ending.
In this accident, investigators learned the spoiler actuator was corroded, resulting in the inadvertent and unexpected extension of the spoiler.
From the beginning, there was a need to prove both the functional performance and the cost-effectiveness of the spoiler concept.
The Fiesta spoiler has a polyurethane foam core wrapped with glass mat.
DAS) subsidiary has been awarded an 8-year contract with Boeing Commercial Airplanes to supply spoilers for the 737 family of commercial aircraft.
The RIO reported to the ship, "Tomcat on the downwind's got a stuck-up spoiler.
Smiths supported the Gulfstream first flight by developing the Electro-Mechanical Actuator Spoiler System, which has provided vital data enabling a high confidence when proposing future electrically driven actuation systems.
The work will be performed at the DAS facility in Monrovia, California, which has manufactured every 737 wing spoiler assembly since the introduction of the 737 classic in 1966.
Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE:DCO) today announced that its Ducommun AeroStructures (DAS) business has been awarded contracts valued at $12 million for follow-on production programs and spares by two different divisions of The Boeing Company for C-17 wing spoilers and AH-64 Apache helicopter main-rotor and tail-rotor blades.
Behind each of the 11 is an owner, trainer and jockey without a single qualm about playing spoiler, even if they'd prefer that you choose another word for their undertaking.
The extension will seamlessly continue the Next-Generation 737 spoiler program already in full production at Composite Structures.
Whatever his effect on the language, Upset remains the best example of the spoiler phenomenon, in which an otherwise little-known horse hands a great horse a significant defeat and thereby siphons some of the loser's fame for his own use.
Los Angeles-Based Composite Structures LLC Gets Go-Ahead on Spoiler Program for the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Cargo Aircraft and