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Synonyms for spoiler

a candidate with no chance of winning but who may draw enough votes to prevent one of the leading candidates from winning

someone who pampers or spoils by excessive indulgence

an airfoil mounted on the rear of a car to reduce lift at high speeds

a hinged airfoil on the upper surface of an aircraft wing that is raised to reduce lift and increase drag

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Luckily, thanks to a handy Chrome extension and Twitter setting, it can be as easy to avoid The Last Jedi spoilers as it is to dodge a shot from a stormtrooper's E-11 blaster rifle.
The global circulation of media and fan communication also exacerbate spoiler frustration because of the tension between asynchronous global content release and the imperative of timely fan conversations (Newman, 2012).
The kit for the Aerostar consists of a manifold that directs hydraulic pressure from the airplane's own system to the spoiler system actuators.
I switched to Facebook and was greeted by another spoiler.
The problem with rampant spoilers is that there's simply no way to police them, yet everyone feels they've got the moral authority to lecture you if you dare breathe a plot point.
Spoiler Shield is an app that can help protect you from seeing social media posts for more than 30 television shows as well as NFL games.
The models are being recalled because the roof spoiler may become loose and detach from the vehicle.
Once the left wing inboard trailing edge flap and inboard spoilers were removed, SSgt Bogard discovered a sheared bolt in a secondary support rod connected to the spoiler mount.
Telaak says he fought for the electronic spoiler because of his affinity for objects that change their appearance as the result of a physical situation: "The wing of an aircraft looks different when the flaps deploy for landing, and a predator like a tiger changes to a more alert posture when preparing to pounce.
Give me an inch on the spoiler and more font downforce,'' Earnhardt said.
The radar intercept officer (RIO) in the rear seat saw that the port number four spoiler was fully deployed.
The idea of applying a vertical fin, or spoiler, on top of a submarine pipeline was considered.
8T turbocharged version of VW's New Beetle has a slim little speed-sensitive rear spoiler that raises, Porsche-like, when speed exceeds 93 mph (150 km/h).
Next year, Sora will begin production of a rear spoiler for Ford Motor Co.
Berenato, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ducommun, stated, "We are very pleased to continue, on a long-term basis, our involvement with the 737 aircraft, and on the spoiler assembly program, in particular.