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a pyroxene mineral consisting of lithium aluminum silicate

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The Company has two major projects advancing to feasibility in 2012: the Sal de Vida lithium and potash brine project in Argentina and the James Bay bulk tonnage spodumene project in Quebec.
m-scale) spodumene, rubidium-rich K-feldspar and mica, and Nb-Ta oxide mineralization (Hutchinson 1982; Corey 1993, 1995; Hughes 1995; Kontak 2004).
The UIZ represents the lithium zone within the pegmatite and is dominated by "SQUI", a term used to describe an oriented spodumene + quartz intergrowth after primary petalite, with lesser grey K-feldspar and primary white spodumene in quartz.
One of the commercially exploited hard rock minerals is spodumene.
Table 21: Afghanistan: Spodumene bearing pegmatites identified in Nuristan, Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Lagman and Uruzgan provinces 55
Temporary lifters were installed in the calciner to provide better spodumene pre-heating and heat transfer within the kiln.
Cattlin mine, which is currently producing spodumene concentrate.
The tests will be conducted on assayed spodumene rock supplied from the Brazil Lake pegmatites in order to ascertain the commerciality of the Silchlor process.
The formulation of a low thermal expansion clay body and base glaze will require that both the clay body and glaze be low in silica and high in low thermal expansion material, such as Lithium, which is found in spodumene and petalite.
9 The mineral spodumene is an important source of which light metal?
One of the best expansion control methods uses a commercially available anti-vein agent that consist of a blend of Lithia-containing materials, alpha spodumene, lithium carbonate and black iron oxide among other elements.
2 million tonnes of Spodumene bearing Pegmatite which grades 1.
It is the leading spodumene producer with the largest and richest mine operations in the world, accretive from day one and expected to deliver margins well over our 25% target.
The study assumes the availability of requisite Malaysian approvals, purchase and supply of spodumene feed, and all operating and capital expenditure.
Lithium on the property is hosted by the mineral spodumene which makes up approximately 14 to 20% of the pegmatites.