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Synonyms for splutter

to make a series of short, sharp noises

Synonyms for splutter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

an utterance (of words) with spitting sounds (as in rage)


utter with a spitting sound, as if in a rage

spit up in an explosive manner

References in classic literature ?
Then I did, heard the match-head splutter, and let her go.
At four o'clock I heard a sudden splutter of the pen, indicative of the flourish with which he signed his name.
Jukes understood the boatswain to splutter that the bridge ladders were gone.
As certain liquors, confined in casks too cramped in their dimensions, will ferment, and fret, and chafe in their imprisonment, so the spiritual essence or soul of Mr Tappertit would sometimes fume within that precious cask, his body, until, with great foam and froth and splutter, it would force a vent, and carry all before it.
The ceremony was effective up to a certain point, and would have been wholly so throughout, if Miss Rugg, as she raised her glass to her lips in completion of it, had not happened to look at Young John; when she was again so overcome by the contemptible comicality of his disinterestedness as to splutter some ambrosial drops of rum and water around, and withdraw in confusion.
said Sam; so saying, he at once stepped into the stationer's shop, and requested to be served with a sheet of the best gilt-edged letter- paper, and a hard-nibbed pen which could be warranted not to splutter.
The assistant superintendent was so furious that for the first minute he could only splutter inarticulately.
I say, it's enough to make the Earl of Grantham splutter into his brandy.
Take a walk around Huyton Village You might find it rather quaint The area has been revived With a brand new coat of paint Bright yellow is the chosen colour Now before that makes you splutter It''s just two yellow bars at the edge of the kerbs And two long yellow stripes in the gutter You can''t fail to see this upgrade What does it mean to you and me?
Debate during the South African Medical Association (SAMA) NHI conference at the Emperor's Palace in Gauteng in October was fierce, but all 360 delegates agreed: without urgent reform of the public health care system, any NHI will at best splutter along, ailing and unable to achieve its vital and noble goals.
Although there were no more points before the changeover, the visitors' line-out began to splutter and the warning signs were there.
An Air Accident Investigation Branch report says the Robinson helicopter - built in 1988 - had just taken off when the pilot heard the engine splutter.
TRANSPORT giants FirstGroup saw revenue growth at their UK bus business almost splutter to a halt before Christmas amid tough conditions.
Louis van Gaal needs three wins before the winter break to save his job according to director of football Christian Nerlinger but the team continues to splutter.