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Synonyms for splotch

a discolored mark made by smearing

to mark or soil with spots

Synonyms for splotch

an irregularly shaped spot

blotch or spot

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Ceccacci said the imagery experts would study the splotch and make sure it was nothing more than a bird's shuttle signature.
Merlin is a bright yellow Kakariki parrot with a very fetching red splotch on his forehead whose wild ancestors hailed from New Zealand not so many generations ago.
In Rattlebone, we see the feisty October Brown only obliquely--through the eyes of school children wary of the splotch of white vitiligo on her chocolate-smooth cheek that they call her "devil's kiss.
They can't understand why people would want to spend the whole day looking at pictures of a big orange splotch or a one-eyed lady whose nose is on the back of her head
As he sees blood start from his victim's mouth, a quick splotch of the most startling crimson, he realizes that to hurt things is to stop being afraid.
Every little splotch has to be counted and measured, a chore that can take an hour per card.
And if the droplets aren't just right, a splotch appears instead of a crisp line of text.
Hood insisted that all his work was inspired by his faith, though he thought that in our epoch God has withdrawn himself: "This era, with its death-centred culture, abortion and so on, will be considered a cancerous splotch on history.
The newly discovered star cluster is a red splotch an estimated 13.
That nasty, festering splotch returns because it's caused by a virus called herpes simplex type 1.
Here are differences we found; perhaps you found others: boy's cookie, angle of green paintbrush in jar, height of water in jar at sink, knob on cabinet drawer, yellow paint splotch on elbow of smock, bottom tack on painting of house, width of pink headband, number of leaves on girl's painting, bottom of chair, number of paint jars on girl's easel, number of paint jars on easel in front of teacher, fastener at top of easel, teacher's shirt sleeve (stripe), paint splotches on towel near teacher, paper-towel roll, trim on edge of countertop, painting at far right on wall, paintbrush by sink, cat painting (stripes), smock collar missing.
Big red petals with a black splotch near the base - a floral ladybird.
In Nothing from Nothing, 2008, a black cloud spreads from the upper right corner of the canvas--or is it a splotch of color run amok?
The apartment itself is a hell hole, but Dahlia, fixed on the bargain price and the good school nearby, doesn't make much of an inspection and somehow misses the gruesome water splotch on the bedroom ceiling.
Dahlia doesn't have much money, so that splotch on the bedroom ceiling - ordinarily a deal-breaker - will just have to be dealt with some other time.