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Synonyms for splotch

a discolored mark made by smearing

to mark or soil with spots

Synonyms for splotch

an irregularly shaped spot

blotch or spot

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It's an orange spot that could fit on a pencil eraser, but the splotch of paint developed at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City may prove to be an inexpensive, highly accurate magnetic field sensor.
Over the image-ground and slightly off to one side, a large splotch of paint supports the hand-painted words addressed to Antonioni, as indicated in the parenthetical title.
Children will adore opening the fold-out egg to find the baby Splotch hatchling on the dramatic last page.
The only unusual thing found, at least for now, was a whitish splotch on Discovery's right wing that looked like a bird dropping.
The splotch of red ink would vanish from Paramount's books.
The 20-acre papaya farm, an Alexander & Baldwin subsidiary, opened in 1972, "constituting a dark green splotch amid the billowing sugar fields.
Merlin is a bright yellow Kakariki parrot with a very fetching red splotch on his forehead whose wild ancestors hailed from New Zealand not so many generations ago.
In Rattlebone, we see the feisty October Brown only obliquely--through the eyes of school children wary of the splotch of white vitiligo on her chocolate-smooth cheek that they call her "devil's kiss.
They can't understand why people would want to spend the whole day looking at pictures of a big orange splotch or a one-eyed lady whose nose is on the back of her head
As he sees blood start from his victim's mouth, a quick splotch of the most startling crimson, he realizes that to hurt things is to stop being afraid.
In the painting Emptiness, a squarish splotch of rich, almost indeterminate darkness--does its blackness contain a hint of deep red?
If you aim your telescope there you'll find three elongated bright splotches radial to Tycho and cluster of small secondary craters at the southern end of each splotch.
Hood insisted that all his work was inspired by his faith, though he thought that in our epoch God has withdrawn himself: "This era, with its death-centred culture, abortion and so on, will be considered a cancerous splotch on history.
And what beautiful flowers - like gently crumpled fine pink tissue paper with a splotch of maroon at the base.
The newly discovered star cluster is a red splotch an estimated 13.