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  • verb

Synonyms for splosh

make a splashing sound

Related Words

walk through mud or mire

cause (a liquid) to spatter about, especially with force

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Specifically developed to help children acquire vital ICT skills using a flexible menu system for accessing the different software applications, Kudlian Suite for Key Stage 2 consists of brand new programs Terry 2 and Ask Oscar as well as updated versions of Pictogram, DataSweet, ReTreeval, Splosh, Banner and FreeText.
Let's all wake; It's time to rise and wash; Don't forget behind our ears Not just a hurried SPLOSH!
Splish splash splosh! Our Brazilian tapir family were snapped enjoying a brisk early morning swim together.
The park's attractions are grouped in themed areas including Riverside One, Seaside Adventure, Metropolis, Splosh! Dino-Stone Park, The Lost Kingdom, Zoo, Children's Planet and Muddy Duck Farm.
All money raised by the activities will go to Noah's Ark Appeal Splish, Splash, Splosh, a campaign raising money for a hydrotherapy pool for the Children's Hospital for Wales.
DUCK AND DIVE: Charlotte Hunter, two, from Gosforth SPLOSH: Amber Wright and Jack Cherry, both three FUNNEL FUN: Kilian Schaffhaeuser and Ashleigh Roddham with Carly McAlindon SPRAY TO GO: Ashleigh Roddham and Kilian Schaffhaeuser, both four, from Buffer Bear Nursery on a visit to the museum
Jessica Sansom put two of the organic eggs in an incubator that the family had used to hatch geese and hens on their farm and, a month later, her patience was rewarded when she watched the yellow chicks, which she names Splish and Splosh, hatch.
The dry summer has meant that the grass growing round the water-filled shell holes has been greener and lusher and has tempted many ewes and lambs to take that extra step - a step too far - and splosh!
All of them were tasted blind by us, with labels covered, and initially in silence, except for the odd slurp and splosh of our spittoons.
You'd stroll in off the street into the players' canteen where a lovely cockney lady called Shirl would offer you tea, although both Martin 'Mad Dog' Allen and Stuart 'Psycho' Pearce have also poured out the splosh for thirsty hacks there.
* Splish Splash Splosh: The Welsh international canoe team, who are so good they can even compete on dry land.
Little Explorer Days: Splish Splosh January 16 Glasgow's Science Centre welcomes Benny the puppet to take the little ones aged two to ve through some exciting experiments.
Then why not visit Red Rooster Farm and join the Monkey Mayhem with the cutest smallest monkeys you could possibly imagine, and sail away on the Lazy River Ride experience - hop on board 'Davy Jones Barrel Run' the new 350ft indoor water ride where you can swirl, twirl, splosh and splash your ship mates.
The only down side to this activity is that she will splosh about in the many Baragems (man-made ponds for animals' waterings) no matter how muddy.