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an irregularly shaped spot

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30 Club Members' Race for Novice Riders: 1, MISTER SPLODGE (H Reed), 4-6 fav; 2, Drill Sergeant (Miss E Horner-Harker), 6-4; 3, Stoney (G Beaumont), 4-1; 4 ran; 2, 2, 2.
So the only guaranteed way to get them to the school gates on time is to employ the odd shortcut: Baby wipes to scrub off Marmite, a dishcloth for toothpaste, a strategically-positioned jumper to mask Coco Pops splodges (this never goes down well in the height of summer).
But then I looked at the splodge and thought "No, that's definitely NOT a cake.
Sammy overcomes self doubts and teasing but with supportive parents and a very clever dog, Splodge, makes the team and the first game.
LADY SPLODGE has been a lady of leisure for a large part of the last 498 days as connections felt the diminutive mare needed time to mature after her last outing, writes Jessica Lamb.
The first book, out in spring 2008, will reportedly follow Twenty and his pals, Jimmy the Bollix, Stinking Pete, Ron the Bar Man, Splodge, Lucky Luciano and Dirty Dave, around Dublin while they search for who killed their friend Jim of Vinyl Records.
It starts off as a splodge but trust us, the more you slap on, the more it looks like expert nail art.
Whether it was 40 years of sun exposure or age that had caught up with me, the brown splodge on my left cheek had become one of my personal bugbears.
ART ATTACK You can't get much more Celine-inspired than Zara's paint splodge Printed Dress in bright primary colours.
OK, we'll settle for four and a splodge, from unofficial sponsors BP.
The sound of his superb new album, recorded with Ash Workman (Metronomy / NZCA Lines) is part sixties Motown, part seventies Philadelphia and a big splodge of eighties New York.
From now on his chums will be calling him: Strange Maroon-Coloured Splodge On The Living Room Carpet That Never Comes Out, Even With The Liberal Application Of Shake'n'Vac.
Kane, who was using the money to buy treats for his pet hamster Splodge, said he would look for other work.
Splodge stinks out the visiting room following his month-long dirty protest, prompting Officer Bamford to toy with the idea of filling the room with pepper spray.
The latest delinquent to strike was the splendidly named Mr Splodge, who hacked up in the long-distance handicap chase at Plumpton on Sunday.