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separation or breakup or divorce

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Summary: Another showbiz couple have taken the road to splitsville.
Splitsville Luxury Lanes & Dinner Lounge has four chic bars, plasma TVs, a gourmet menu and 13 bowling lanes.
The first sign of Splitsville happened Sunday when Ramirez was booed.
There's even such unexpected and unique dishes as Parsnip Chips with Sour Cream & Green Onion Dip (ideal for party time) and depression fighting fare like her Splitsville Salad with Caramelized Figs.
Heaviosity, impactful, retro-futurist, manbag, carbon-neutral, goody bag, blogroll, Foggy Bottom, splitsville, and smoosh are among the 2,500 new words (and their meanings) added to the Sixth Edition Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, which is a two-volume compendium of the full 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary.
Splitsville Game show in which divorcing couples negotiate for possessions by competing in a variety of challenges.
You're on the road to Splitsville, and breaking up is rarely a smooth ride.
The detour was a drive through Splitsville, when car and owner briefly separated, when Roach strayed from his first love.
Splitsville Genetics bolstered the idea that musical taste, rather than geography, split Africa's indigobirds into multiple species (164: 116).
In other Hollywood happenings, Juliette Lewis and Steve Berra are splitsville.
His diverse slate of projects includes a TV pilot for Fox called Splitsville and a yet-untitled documentary about GLBT high school students.
SPLITSVILLE So far, five retail joint ventures in Latin America have gone bust in the last five years.
95), says couples can get off the on-ramp to Splitsville by exchanging financial documents like tax returns, credit reports, checking, savings and investment account statements, paycheck stubs, budgets itemizing monthly expenditures and job benefits packages.
The Shops at Sunset Place is leased to a variety of tenants including AMC Theaters, LA Fitness, Gameworks, Barnes & Noble, Niketown and Splitsville, among others.