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a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

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It just takes half a chance or a split-second and he can punish you.
The split-seconds chronograph -- one of the most captivating mechanical specialties in the sector of split time measurement -- is composed of two overlapping hands, one of which may be repeatedly stopped and then realigned with the other without interfering with the action of the latter.
However, a 180-degree turn right when returning would momentarily place his back to the play and cost him a split-second loss of vision.
And then there is the all-out insanity rider who does nothing but insanely extreme maneuver after maneuver, mixed with perfect split-second sketch landings--this guy is on a kamikaze autopilot, comatose to the fact that he has just pulled off every move in the book but even twice as radical.
Bailey's fully voiced, dramatic reading is truly outstanding with his impeccable accent, the wonderful voices he has for each character, and his split-second timing and delivery.
As their focus shifts from the world of tests and papers to the world of long-term planning and split-second decisions, one thing is clear: there is still much to learn.
The trapeze artist relies on split-second timing in this spectacle of danger.
Some fans and players believe replays undermine the authority of league officials, who need to know their split-second judgments will stand as law.
AN air-sea rescue chopper pilot had to make a split-second decision to call off their part in the search for the missing Anglesey anglers after they were hit by engine trouble.
The technology upgrade further assures split-second freshness-of-results to a given query.
Seeking to train police for the life-and-death choices they have a split-second to make, the LAPD on Friday unveiled a simulator that features more than 200 scenarios in which officers must decide whether to draw their weapons.
That split-second incident has ended his nursing career.
Volunteers also displayed a split-second brain wave response that is characteristic of recognizing a word that has just been primed by a sentence.
Paramedic Richard Rispoli, one of the emergency personnel who responded to the accident, praised Jacoyia, saying, "She made a lot of split-second decisions and saved a lot of people a lot of pain.
McCollum proposes that such split-second events persist in the world only through tangential documentation and chance residue, what he calls "literature.