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a ballot cast by a voter who votes for candidates from more than one party

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"The voting behavior was more polarized, less likely to include split ticket voting, if a newspaper had died in the community," said Johanna Dunaway, a communications professor at Texas A&M University, who conducted the research with colleagues from Colorado State and Louisiana State universities.
"The Motivational Basis of Straight and Split Ticket Voting." American Political Science Review 51 (June): 293-312.
ROAD data will enable more detailed studies of split ticket voting and of the factors leading to divided government at many levels, for any or all states.
"The Effect of the Australian Ballot Reform on Split Ticket Voting: 1876-1908." American Political Science Review 64(December):1220-38.
"People who are more knowledgeable will ask for a split ticket but most of my constituents are not railway buffs."
Perhaps the most shocking discovery was a difference of more than PS100 between a direct ticket to Edinburgh from Cardiff Central and a split ticket for the same journey.
For longer journeys, it may be worth trying Tickety Split the split ticket tool run by www.moneysavingexpert.com, which can lead to big savings.
The measures aim to stop passengers having to buy split tickets to get the cheapest fares for some journeys.
Save cash by buying "split tickets" instead of direct journeys.
Split tickets are a source of pride and independent voters outnumber Democrats and Republicans.
"Ticket offices aren't obliged to offer split tickets for your journey and you won't find ticket machines offering them either."
Split tickets, not the journey NOW it's time to really rip up the rule book if you want to make some really big savings.