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a working shift divided into two periods of time with several hours in between

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This would force many carers to work three split shifts in a working day.
We work split shift and I will have to pay double the fare for the four trips I make daily.
Jane transferred to B shift when C shift was abolished in 2005, which meant working alternate weeks on the split shift.
The opening times of bingo halls vary but most operate a split shift system.
Evening, night, and split shift workers comprised 4.
Michael, who works a split shift as a restaurant manager, is usually on-line from 1 a.
3pm: I'm on a split shift today, so I head home for a break and rest.
One particular bone of contention was abolishing the day and night shift and replacing them with a split shift.
It also asked for payment of standby allowances and travelling expenses when attending split shift stations, and the payment of taxi fares, essential car user allowances and other expenses when finishing a shift at midnight.
Mr Smith said that at the time he was required to work a split shift, the nurse was taking new anti-convulsant medicine that led to extreme tiredness, difficulty sleeping and susceptibility to seizures.
5 per cent on firefighters' hourly rate when working the late split shift pattern.
Hawick are without Matt Landels,who is committed to a split shift as a postie.
I currently work a two-week split shift pattern, which provides me with much more flexibility than most and that's a real bonus.
Therefore, it was business as usual at Celtic Park andon Sportscene where Dougie Donnelly and his studio chums did a split shift.
The engineer at the focus of the inquiry had been on duty 14-1/2 hours on an unusual split shift with a rest in the middle of the night, and he was making an extra round-trip run when he was killed.