split second

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a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

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It only takes a split second to allow Carl Froch into range, to allow him to land that right hand and I paid the price for it.
Additionally, every few seconds a bright light flashed from the ceiling, spreading throughout the building for a split second.
This enables direct stamping of surface textures into metals in a split second," says Gunter Helferich, a polymer scientist and director of Fraunhofer ICT's effort.
Both the soloists and groups in each level performed numbers characterized by impressive ingenuity and eclecticism, showing that kids today can switch from modern to jazz to ballet techniques in a split second.
These signals, some of which can pass in a split second, indicate the leakage of emotions that the liar would rather keep hidden: guilt, anger, fear, embarrassment, or "duping delight," the glee some liars feel at deceiving their targets.
The Last Split Second is a provocative portrait of physical trauma based on Toronto artist Andy Patton's eloquent accounts of surviving a broken back and the requisite medical treatments.
However, the Chicago-based firm is aggressively expanding and refining its Split Second convenience-store concept.
And, in the space of a split second, life had been reduced from a highly complex existence, with a thousand petty problems, to one of the barest simplicities in which only one real task remained - ensuring a soft landing on the North Pole.
Like commanders on the Battleship Enterprise, they must be ready and able to make split second decisions - the more transactions they can accomplish, the greater the rewards.
This capability is due to full-scale semantic analysis that we can perform in a split second, on-the-fly.
And it can take only a split second to decide if a person is likely to cause trouble.