split run

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a print run of a newspaper during which some articles or advertisements are changed to produce a different edition

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Now that the financial stocks are again in favor, this could make for a profitable split run.
com expects a successful split run for this stock and will look for an opportunity to add it to our Recommended Split List.
Momentum in the e-business software group remains strong; however, the secondary offering of shares may dampen enthusiasm for the split run.
These factors, with the potential added from the narrow float seem to make for a profitable split run.
However, we will watch this stock for a possible successful split run.
The meteoric rise in the share value, combined with the limited trading float, promise to make this split run attractive to the momentum-trading crowd.
The limited float combined with today's announcement should help this stock experience the necessary enthusiasm needed for a successful split run.
We see much promise in this Split Run and will be monitoring it closely for the ideal timing of a likely addition to our Recommended Split List.
We anticipate that momentum investors will once again look to participate in what promises to be another exciting split run.
We believe this will translate into a successful split run, with the momentum crowd sure to join in.
The delayed announcement of a payable date may dampen enthusiasm for the split run.
Should volume pick up on this stock it may make for a good split run considering the volatility that could occur from the small float and short time frame to the payable date.
This company is positioned in the hot wireless market and the low float of the outstanding shares could make this a highly successful split run.
We expect the split run to be profitable as well, since momentum in this sector and in this stock remains strong.
This is the type of enthusiasm we like to see in a stock entering a split run.