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a rail that is split from a log


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Wood rail fences are composed of posts with horizontal railings, such as split rail or board.
Without the benefit of split rail architecture, the output stage of these op amps is pressed to achieve exceptional AC performance, in terms of bandwidth and slew rate.
It has a very low overall height of 14 millimeters and is available as a combination of two supported round shafts in one profile, or in a split rail configuration.
This week, we also observe the fifth anniversary of the brutal attack on 22-year-old University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard, who was lured from a campus bar, tied to a split rail fence, tortured, beaten and pistol-whipped - then left for dead in near-freezing temperatures.
We wanted a split rail zigzag fence (also called a snake or worm fence), which was a form of construction prevalent in Colonial America.
Some highlights included vellum drum lamp shades used as lamp bases, vases made from old American chestnut recycled from discarded split rail fences, mosaic mirrors made from slate and stone, laser cut steel in whimsical shapes and painted in delightful colors, string lights with galvanized metal mini shades, night lights of transparent porcelain, and parchment furniture.
As you enter the premises you see acres of beautiful pasture land with cattle and typical split rail fences.
Producers of log homes, posts, rails, tree props, and cedar shakes, shingles and split rail fences processed the remaining, 1 percent.
amp; DUREN, Germany -- Climax Portable Machine Tools today introduced the world's first portable milling machine designed with a split rail system that enables the milling machine to be configured to perform both linear milling and gantry milling.
itemized work: traffic barricade term t 1, split rail fence, seeding; granular backfill, spbgr 6ft.
Built at the turn of the century, the New England Colonial cottage with gingerbread trimming stands neatly behind a split rail fence, its brick walk leading to a red-painted porch fronted by granite steps.
ChiselCrete is also colored and given its aesthetic look during manufacturing, allowing the precast concrete to simulate the look and feel of almost any type of fence or walling, including brick, split rail fence, and now hand-laid stones.
Pioneer Homestead Work Day - Assist in pioneer chores such as building a split rail fence and splitting shingles.
Spotting cups of nectar, lorikeets fly in low, landing on split rail fences and trying to perch on little arms, shoulders and heads.