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a thin sliver of wood

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an orthopedic mechanical device used to immobilize and protect a part of the body (as a broken leg)

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support with a splint

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Objective: The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy of intranasal splints in the prevention of nasal adhesion following septal surgery.
An orthopedist told me I have shin splints but not a stress fracture.
Once all sections of the program are passed, participants are sent transcripts specifying which casts and splints they are qualified to apply and remove.
The splints were removed one month later and no abnormality was observed in the immature permanent incisors.
Specialist physiotherapist Marc Lloyd said the 3D-printed splints could make a difference to a range of people - from injured sports men and women to stroke patients.
The development of the 3D-printed splints is the result of a three-way project between Mr Lloyd, surgical design expert Dominic Eggbeer and 26-year-old patient Tom Wheeler.
Scott Hollister of the University of Michigan used Materialise's Mimics Innovation Suite to model and construct these splints using CT scans of patient anatomy.
A Shin splints are the result of stress on the connective tissue between your shinbone (tibia) and the surrounding muscle.
Casts, Splints, and Support Bandages -- Nonoperative Treatment and Perioperative Protection (online access included)
The present study describes a report a case of horn fracture in bullock and its management by using low cost bamboo splints and rope in field conditions.
Pain symptoms related to TMDs can be treated with occlusal appliances or splints which are dental splints specially devised for masticatory muscle relaxation and protection of teeth from grinding movements.
CROOKS stole a young cerebral palsy victim's leg splints - so they could pinch the trainers attached to them.
We conducted a prospective, comparative, interventional study to evaluate the role of intranasal septal splints and to compare the results of this type of support with those of conventional nasal packing.
CONCLUSION: The Occupational therapists strive for effective treatments and ways using devices, aids, splints and innovative techniques.
I also had to sleep wearing foot splints, knee splints, elbow splints and hand splints, so I couldn't move.