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Synonyms for splintery

subject to breaking into sharp slender pieces

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resembling or consisting of or embedded with long slender fragments of (especially) wood having sharp points


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me 45-degree bevel cuts will leave sharp, splintery edges, so crank the table saw blade back to zero degrees and shave 1/8 in.
Which fence-sitting Scot might be lured to our side of his splintery throne by Gyles Brandreth, a plummyvoiced failed Tory MP and knitwear enthusiast?
Its like you took a painting of a lush forest and put it in a splintery old woody picture frame, then hung it on the wall on a rusty railroad spike.
Today it had a blueberry smear across the skirt where a toddler had reached for me with a sticky hand, and a catch in the fabric where it caught the splintery edge of a wooden table.
She recalls that pleasant time, and there on the splintery bench a new thought cooks in her brain.
This wasn't Proustian, elegiac and nostalgic; it was more splintery, more Swiftian.
Its benches tend to be splintery, dirty and broken, discouraging rather than encouraging sitting.
It is characterized by thin laminae breaking with an irregular curving fracture, often splintery and usually parallel to the often indistinguishable bedding plane.
prepare your floorboards When preparing wooden floorboards before painting them, you may find that patches are splintery and can't be sanded smooth.
A young vampire has a "vonderful" time at the beach--once he learns to avoid the sun, the splintery boardwalk, and the garlic laced clams at the snack shop.
Prior to this renovation, back in 2004, the splintery wood floors that had to be sprinkled with water before every class were replaced by Arlekino linoleum floors.
When Sammy first meets Tracy Bacon, the Christian actor who will ultimately become his one real lover, he feels deeply inadequate: "big, radiant, confident fellows with string-bass voices always made him feel acutely how puny, dark, and Jewish he was, a goofy little curlicue of ink stamped on a sheet of splintery paper.
7) demonstrate some hornfelsic, splintery felted textures but no high-grade (amphibolite-facies) assemblages were noted in that area.
It's a bread-knife-to-the-sternum type of experience, the hissing, the wanting to know, the splintery edge of sawed bone.