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Synonyms for splinters

wood in small pieces or splinters


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Rosa pushed the table, Cornelius placed the broken arm on it so as to make it flat, and with perfect skill set the bone, adjusted the splinters, and fastened the bandages.
Those wooden things are impossible to hurt," he said, "and all the damage Jim has done to them is to knock a few splinters from their noses and ears.
Was that all it was, the flame of the splinter that could be quenched by any chance gust of air?
A hundred youths, who had hitherto been restrained by the diffidence of their years, rushed in a frantic body on the fancied emblem of their enemy, and severed it asunder, splinter by splinter, until nothing remained of the trunk but its roots in the earth.
Removing splinters is a pain for both kids and their parents and often results in lots of tears and upset.
They said informed that different medical operations of several injured had been carried out as some of them were inflicted with broken bones after receiving gunshot and splinters.
Foreign bodies, such as wood splinters, can be difficult to detect if not visualized directly.
THE grandson of a British sailor who survived the Battle of Jutland has kept a unique memento of the 100-year-old conflict - a rum tub made from deck splinters of HMS Iron Duke.
To reduce pain and the possibility of an infection, splinters should be removed as quickly as possible.
Although he is initially skeptical, Ben becomes convinced that the Splinters are real after he and Mina are attacked by one of the hideous shape-shifters masquerading as an ordinary deer.
Baqir said some splinters were also found from four bodies, however, it was not clear whether these splinters were of bomb, hand grenade or any other weapon.
Kick, The Splinters (Double Negative Records): The Splinters are the latest band to emerge from the seemingly endless garage rock revival.
When field dressing game animals, use care to avoid splinters of carbon fiber.
I went online to see if there might be more splinters amid the flotsam and jetsam of the media's coverage.
If a barre gets splinters, a light sanding and dusting easily restores the surface.