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a thin sliver of wood

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an orthopedic mechanical device used to immobilize and protect a part of the body (as a broken leg)

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support with a splint

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The aim of this study was to determine the role of intranasal splints after performing septal surgery in the prevention of formation of nasal adhesions between the splint and control group.
For shin splints, you should avoid movements that hurt, like jumping, and get physical therapy to decrease the healing time.
In this phase, the appliance is used exclusively as a reflex releasing stabilizing splint to identify the mandibular displacement and to determine the sagittal and transverse location of the SP.
Practices can purchase the entire program, which includes 14 cast and 12 splint procedures, or customize the program to their needs.
The splint was removed after one month since alveolar bone and the teeth demonstrated stability.
He said: "Current Velcro splints are difficult to get on and off with one hand.
The development of the 3D-printed splints is the result of a three-way project between Mr Lloyd, surgical design expert Dominic Eggbeer and 26-year-old patient Tom Wheeler.
Results: There were 25 patients in the elastic bandage group and 26 patients in the splint group.
On Monday, Belgian software and 3D printing technology company Materialise (NASDAQ: MTLS) entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement with the University of Michigan to take the splint through clinical trials, in order to ultimately offer the newly granted patent in the marketplace.
However, a report by the British Medical Association in 1921 cited that the correct application of a rifle splint " is difficult, and when applied it has many disadvantages The mortality that attended cases of fractured femurs was, at this period, appallingly high".
The splints were fixed at the base of the horn and then tied to the other horn by a rope (Fig.
At 24 and 48 hours postoperatively, the splint group had significantly lower mean pain scores (p < 0.
html) already hitting the ball without the protective splint during an intense training session with former world's no.