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a woodworker who joins pieces of wood with a splice

a worker who splices ropes together by interweaving strands

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a mechanical device for joining two pieces of paper or film or magnetic tape

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The Type-46 fusion splicer features a built-in dual heating system, making it the fastest fixed V-groove splicer on the market for faster deployment and cost savings for data center, enterprise network, FTTx, Fiber-to- the- Home, central office, and other network applications.
The 100M and 100P series splicers further position Fujikura as the dominant player in the specialty splicer market.
Moistair (R) 6901 automatic splicer, at the forefront of splicing technology, designed for Savio winders, unique for its flexibility and result efficiency especially on some difficult yarns such as Tencel(R) , Dual Core(R) , synthetic blends, etc, Model Moistair(R) 6901R available for retrofitting of old splicers on both Orion and Polar winders.
The latest installation brings to three the number of Martin Automatic splicers in Label Technology's facility, with splicers running on Mark Andy and PCMC presses.
About Sumitomo Electric Lightwave: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), located in Research Triangle Park, NC, is dedicated to tailoring the fiber optic networks of major communications service provider companies through the manufacturing of optical fiber cable, ribbon-configured network solutions, fusion splicers, FTTx products, and its FutureFlex[R]Air-blown Fiber[R] System.
3SAE Technologies will demonstrate the operation and performance of the S184 splicer at OFC/NFOEC 2008 in Expo Hall booth #335.
The new Martin Automatic MBSF butt splicer significantly increased General Label's daily throughput and eliminated the waste generated by stopping the press for roll changes.
S184 Splicer Provides Greater Thermal Control, Higher Tensile Strength and Lower Insertion Loss for all Fiber Types up to 1mm
Mesdan Splicer Code 4923B for Cotton, Polyester, Single and Plied Yarn, Elastomeric core/staple cotton Yarn, Compact, O.
Attendees reportedly payed special attention to the stability of the machine's operation at high speed and to its new raw material auto splicer system.
will unveil a new large diameter fusion splicer at the optics industry's premier annual conference: OFC/NFOEC, in Anaheim, Mar.
The horizontal web accumulator is positioned on top of the splicer, allowing for a smaller footprint than any existing splicer that accommodates rolls this size.
On the SPLICER side (Mesdan(r) Yarn Joining Division), several novelties will be on display, such as:
Fiber installers face daily pressure for fast, error-free work," said Jason Greene, Furukawa America's fusion splicer division manager.