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inflammation of the spleen

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Acute splenitis has traditionally been thought to be suggestive of sepsis, and major pathology texts advocate this belief.
The main histopathologic diagnoses included acute protozoal necrotizing interstitial pneumonia, splenitis, and hepatitis.
Microscopic examination showed multifocal severe necrotizing hepatitis and splenitis associated with numerous intralesional gram-negative coccobacilli and a moderate to marked interstitial pneumonia.
The prairie dogs in this study did not have necrotizing lymphadenitis or splenitis, which may indicate that these rodents were euthanized relatively early in the disease course.
Other frequent findings included necrotizing splenitis, enteritis, esophagitis, dermatitis and airsacculitis.
Necropsy results of the 3 birds revealed hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, and histologic lesions included necrotizing hepatitis, splenitis, and vasculitis.