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inflammation of the spleen

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Indications for splenectomy included idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), thalassemia major, idiopathic hypersplenism, and splenitis.
General autopsy findings were significant for candidal bronchopneumonia and splenitis, hepatic granulomas consistent with chronic transfusion therapy, and bilateral renal glomerulosclerosis.
The 3 remaining ducks were euthanized, and postmortem examination showed severe necrotising fibrinous enteritis, multifocal piecemeal hepatitis, and severe fibrinous multifocal splenitis.
Acute splenitis has traditionally been thought to be suggestive of sepsis, and major pathology texts advocate this belief.
On postmortem examination, infection status was confirmed by the presence of granulomatous hepatitis, splenitis, enteritis, and pneumonia.
5) reported outbreaks of aHEV infection and increased deaths of chickens caused by hepatitis and splenitis and reduced egg production in chicken flocks in Hungary.
Differential diagnoses for splenic enlargement were splenitis (infectious/inflammatory), splenic congestion, and neoplasia.
Microscopic examination showed multifocal severe necrotizing hepatitis and splenitis associated with numerous intralesional gram-negative coccobacilli and a moderate to marked interstitial pneumonia.
The main histopathologic diagnoses included acute protozoal necrotizing interstitial pneumonia, splenitis, and hepatitis.