splenic artery

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an artery that originates from the celiac trunk and supplies blood to the spleen

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The distal part of the first root forms the left gastric artery (LGA), the distal part of the second root forms the splenic artery (SA), and the distal part of the third root forms the common hepatic artery (CHA).
Tortuous calcified splenic artery is not rare in the elderly, with calcification in the media (1).
In this study, we present computed tomography angiography (CTA) findings of a patient with UGIB that occurred because of arterial collaterals in the gastric wall, which resulted secondary to chronic thrombosis of the splenic artery.
The common hepatic artery was present in 28 (28%) cadavers as the last artery, the splenic artery in 6 (6%) and both arteries at the same level, as terminal branches, in 48 (48%) out of the 82 studied cadavers.
Splenic artery aneurysms (SAAs) are extremely rare disease that is usually asymptomatic and can be fatal because of hemorrhagic shock once it ruptures.
HP is most commonly caused by a rupture of an aneurysm of the splenic artery associated with acute or chronic pancreatitis.
Therefore; splenic artery embolisation preceding laparoscopic splenectomy should not be carried out routinely as appropriate use of blood products and correct surgical technique Will be adequate in controlling blood loss.
The ligation of the splenic artery is a routine practice in conventional elective open splenectomy prior to mobilization of the spleen.
Death occurred a few hours after surgery, due to haemorrhage from a branch of the splenic artery.
It has been reported that magnification obtained through laparoscopic camera allows excellent identification of vessels and dissection of pancreas from splenic artery and vein.
1) Arterial lesions related to pancreatitis are predominantly localised in the splenic artery, the pancreaticoduodenal arteries and the gastroduodenal artery.
Computed tomography of the upper abdomen demonstrated that the body and tail of pancreas were replaced by a 10 x 10 x 10 cm hypodense mass lesion with encasement of splenic artery.
O'Rourke reopened the abdominal incision, observed bleeding from the splenic artery and the tumor bed, and removed a large volume of blood.