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of or relating to the spleen

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His follow-up CT scan on the 4th day of admission demonstrated a decrease in size of the splenic hematoma.
In this second-line setting, fedratinib demonstrated clinically meaningful improvements in splenic response and total symptom score.
The average adult spleen measures 10-11 cm in length and the maximum cephalocaudal measurement exceeding 13 cm indicates splenic enlargement.
Normally, the first root forms the left gastric artery, the second root forms the splenic artery and the third root forms the common hepatic artery.
The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of noninvasive markers (platelet counts, portal vein diameter, splenic diameter, and ratio of platelet count to spleen diameter, PC/SD) in determining existing esophageal varices and thereby to propose them as a noninvasive, reproducible, safe, and accurate means for improving the management of cirrhotic patients.
7) This finding is attributed to the relative preservation of splenic function into adulthood in patients with the Hb SC genotype and the predilection of HPV B19 infection for older children.
Hepatic IOUS was performed in eight dogs (3 for metastatic research due to suspected splenic tumor, 2 with suspected primary or metastatic hepatic tumor and 3 with suspected of both splenic and hepatic tumors).
Calcifications of chronic pancreatitis - she was an alcohol abuser, but the calcification was restricted to the splenic artery (Figure 1b).
3-5,7,8 Isolated splenic involvement in the absence of systemic infection is extremely rare.
The best characterized and most frequent subgroup of splenic and hepatic EBV-associated IPTs is IPT-like follicular dendritic cell (FDC) tumor.
chabaudi infection has resulted in histopathological changes and increased apoptotic cell death in splenic tissue of infected mice.
Most splenic lesions are detected incidentally, posing a challenge for both interpreting and referring physicians in determining the need for and type of further evaluation.
The approval is based on results from the multi-center, open-label single arm, Phase 2 PCYC-1121 trial assessing the safety and efficacy of Imbruvica in 63 patients with MZL who received at least one prior therapy, including all 3 subtypes: mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT; n=32), nodal MZL (NMZL; n=17), and splenic MZL (SMZL; n=14).
Isolated splenic metastasis is a rare finding in colorectal carcinoma.