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Synonyms for splenetic

Synonyms for splenetic

of or relating to the spleen

very irritable

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Whilst Charlie Brooker's BBC4 review series Screenwipe (and its spin-off Newswipe [2009-present]) revives the splenetic tone of TV Offal, and continues the tradition of television critics deconstructing the medium on-screen (Brooker writes a television column for The Guardian), they differ greatly from previous author-led clip shows in striving to demystify processes of production and reception.
Several splenetic Clinton tirades against journalists, or hecklers, are popular online, and prompted some to question if Clinton's skills are dated.
Fantagraphics's publisher, Gary Groth, who has a reputation for being the angriest man in comics with his hyperliterate, splenetic rants about the sad state of publishing, seemed downright star-struck as he conducted an interview with the brothers.
In contrast to the genial J-A Brillat-Savarin, whose Physiologie du gout has never been out of print in France since its publication in 1826, the peremptory, splenetic Grimod has had to wait for rehabilitation: Bonnet's edition of selected works in 1978, Rebecca Spang's The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture (Harvard University Press, 2000), and an earlier article by Garval himself (to which should be added two important articles by Julia Abramson, "Grimod's Debt to Mercier and the Emergence of Gastronomic Writing Reconsidered," EMF: Studies in Early Modern France, 200l, and "Legitimacy and Nationalism in the Almanach des Gourmands, 1803-12," Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 2003).
With the mother indolent, the father splenetic, and the infant emperor three-quarters German, the regime had little chance of succeeding and lasted a mere thirteen months, from October 1740 to November 1741.
Huysmans cannot over-belittle Adrien and Cyprien, for between them they caress many of his artistic preferences: for the depiction of splenetic landscapes and rachitic humanity, and their very bourgeois bourgeoisophobia.
A striking example can be found in Scalia's splenetic dissent in the 2005 case McCreary County v.
Alfred Prufrock," "Preludes" and The Waste Land, but each poem's splenetic tone is French.
Commentators outdid themselves in splenetic rage against the Beslan perpetrators, as if a sort of ritual obeisance of hate was required.
Sammy's swan song should say "Such shenanigans show Sue's splenetic side.
On the surface, his managerial style was just a combination of the splenetic and combustible, a manic, fizzing bundle of kinetic energy blistering from the sidelines.
He has an almost vitriolic hatred of certain jockeys and his splenetic ravings are doubtless music to the ears of the Panorama researchers.
Inevitably, one of his drinking companions at the Happy World Cabaret (predecessor to the Aurora Hotel as Kuching's favorite watering hole) was the bibulous and splenetic Tom Harrisson.
All in all, an entertaining and supple being he had rather liked finding on his picnic table, staring balefully at the splenetic squirrels.
The author's assessment of Josephus' personal touches displays no trace of Foakes-Jackson's splenetic, "when he means to be pious he is frankly repulsive" (Josephus and the Jews, p.