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Synonyms for splay

an outward bevel around a door or window that makes it seem larger

Related Words

spread open or apart

turn outward

Related Words

move out of position

Related Words

turned outward in an ungainly manner

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One of the most common defects in plastic injection molding is splay. In this column I will help to identify various forms of splay, as well as common (and less common) causes.
Modern Times Group (MTG AB) (STO: MTGA), an international digital entertainment group, announced on Monday that its Nordic Entertainment Group has acquired the remaining 4% of the shares in Splay AB.
(i)A simple and complete splay tree-based SChord structure is provided in this paper.
Minor leg and foot problems children are born with include "pigeon" toes, splay foot, bowlegs, knock-knees and flat feet.
splay beneath clouds the shape of bones, the shape of mouths, and I
(1) The carotid body is the most common site for these tumours to arise, and these carotid body tumours characteristically splay the internal and external carotid arteries.
When owner Kathy Harris discovered eight-year-old Bebe had got splay leg - an extremely rare condition that causes the front legs to collapse at right-angles - she contacted her own GP.
Crucially, this fault, which the team calls a "splay" fault, slices through the Sunda plate much closer to Sumatra's west coast, and at a much steeper angle to the ocean floor than the main fault.
"I have views over traffic because you do get build up on Enfield Chase but increasing the visibility splay at the bottom on Rectory Lane will increase the flow.
When placed against a wall, the tines are guiding into the wall and splay outwards into drywall.
The shape lends itself to flowers displayed this way as the stems have room to splay out, giving you a fuller-looking bouquet.
This painting and illustration software uses a RealBristle Painting System that replicates traditional art media with individual bristles that blend and splay. It also offers a Match Palette that enables artists to match the color intensity between two images.
Splay Anthem By Nathaniel Mackey New Directions, May 2006 $15.95, ISBN 0-811-21652-7
As part of a new suspension bridge spanning the Tacoma Narrows, a strip of the Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., Atlas Castings & Technology, Tacoma, has been commissioned to cast both tower and splay saddles to hold the bridge's cables.
In one application, a manufacturer of filtration units for swimming pools and industrial applications credits MoldWiz INT-34DLK process aid additive with helping eliminate splay that was occurring when molding large ABS parts.