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Words related to splat

a single splash

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a slat of wood in the middle of the back of a straight chair

give off the sound of a bullet flattening on impact

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split open and flatten for cooking

flatten on impact

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My daughter Karen, who was also on Tiswas, was splatting people with flans and so was my granddaughter Beth.
In the wild and crazy jitterbug, a woman gives the guy a kick in the seal that sends him splatting to the ground; another man carries a woman kicking and flailing until she drops low, only to somersault over him a second later.
"There is no more popular money-making venture an office can enter into than `The Splatting Of Someone In Authority'!" says Lenny Henry.
If splatting the boss is likely to get anyone the sack - try an office swear box or a tax on sins like leaving the photocopier without paper.
Dripping wet, they twitched with restlessness, sometimes trapping each other with their legs and sometimes splatting to the floor, leaving puddles.