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Synonyms for splatter

Synonyms for splatter

to hurl or scatter liquid upon

to mark or soil with spots

Synonyms for splatter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

a small quantity of something moist or liquid

cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container

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After sequencing DNA from the splatter samples, the research team used their metagenomic pipeline to address the question of how many species inhabit the regions sampled on the trips.
The students in animal masks at the start of their fun run (above)' Stacey Clark with a rescued cockatoo (left), and Rob Wilkes splatters a custard pie into the face of tutor Maggie Friswell.
During normal operation AC current flows down the ground rod leads and back into the furnace bath through the top melt splatter paths.
Without his work, the far right-wingers might be a dangerous silent group," said Wat Tyler, Splatter Effect Correspondent and Coordinator of the A.
Color-coded by varietal, their bold, vivid labels are awash in bright splashes of color suggesting the splatter of smashed grapes, while the light-hearted back label copy declares that "Grapes don't mind being smashed.
The carbon strands splatter the walls of the vessel, from which they are easily removed.
Piercy agrees that some splatter is probably inevitable by the end of the school day.
It is aimed at players aged 15 and over because of the violence and is a neat twist on the usual slash and splatter beat-'em-ups.
Variations in the knots of radio emissions that result when energetic particles splatter back into the galaxy after hitting a hotspot also support this scenario, Baum says.
The soft foam shots can be loaded with washable non-toxic paint to simulate a paintball splatter, or can be used without paint for cleaner play.
Their upper-middle-class lifestyle is assaulted as assuredly and as violently as an ingenue in a splatter flick.
Other features include a design optimized for fast cleanup and daily maintenance, special guard design to minimize splatter and drips, the use of readily available standard 9" roller sleeves, and the ability to apply just about any type of coating, including acrylics, alkyd, epoxies, block fillers, adhesives, and roofing materials.
While it's easy to admire and occasionally even relish the filmmakers' resourcefulness and do-it-yourself spirit, this overlong zombie splatter movie is ultimately undone by bad acting, plot holes bigger than the perforations in the victims' torsos and an ending that raises more questions than it answers.
Raahauge's Duck Club and the Splatter S Duck Club, located in Prado Basin, offer limited public hunting for unattached hunters.