splash around

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Synonyms for splash around

play in or as if in water, as of small children


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Favourite backers were sunk some way out, however, when Berry's mount hit top gear up the rail to reel in Merlin with Splash Around toiling in fourth.
That's why Splash Around is excited about this new product.
Otherwise, if you splash around, you will move the sand particles farther apart--and that will cause you to sink.
You can splash around in the water all you want, but don't forget to protect yourself from those dangerous sun rays.
We invite everyone we know, turn on the music and splash around.
JEMIMA Khan is head over heels for Hugh Grant as they splash around under the Caribbean sun.
Fastballs of important dialogue are hurled at the audience while nude dudes splash around, scratch themselves, and towel down.
After 4pm, the pools are crowded with children who mess about and splash around, so people who go there to swim will be deterred.
Fun in the sun: Children splash around happily as shoppers and workers were left to find ways to keep their cool as the temperature soars to 24C (75F) in Birmingham.
For the first 10 or 15 minutes, they were allowed to take off their shoes and socks and splash around in the wading pool.
There, kids and their families can watch a baseball game, see a movie, or splash around in a water park, Huizenga says.
THE long awaited re-opening of Stockton High Street in March this year, following a multi-million pound regeneration, the new-look high street includes a stunning water feature so youngsters can splash around and cool off, If that is the point of this fountain feature then why is it only a six-inch high water fountain?
Annie, Rebecca, Beckii and Amber from Holyhead, celebrate end of exams in Trearddur Bay (main) while Molly and Megan splash around (inset) Pics: ROBERT PARRY JONES