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a person without employment who makes money by various dubious schemes

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As a member of the community, the spiv occupied an ambivalent place in World War II and post-war Britain:
The spivs were Phil "Slim" Cooper and Little Al Coulston, two leery chancers who make nice little earners by flogging tickets to rock concerts, sporting events and even the Royal enclosure at Ascot at inflated prices.
Extracting pension cash and removing his knighthood would deal with Green but the law must be changed to stop other spivs behaving so appallingly.
Music and food from the period will be among of a host of attractions with entertainment including a 1940s spiv magician, a rag-rugging demonstration, Father Christmas, plus a chance to play some period games.
The chairman of the Conservative Party is a spiv and a bully who would quit if he had an ounce of decency in his body.
A spiv in a suit, with his patter ready, convincing you that this is the Deal on Wheels (copyright EastEnders, I suspect) of a lifetime.
One man is behind every voice, including spiv car dealer Terry Tibbs who moves into the art world and enquires about a spawning salmon sculpture but ends up asking the woman handling his enquiry some very personal questions.
Labour MP John Spellar said: "The inner spiv he's been hiding has come out.
Maybe because, like the rest of us, Major sussed him as an over-privileged spiv who'd been handed everything on a silver platter.
And let's try to forget Russell Brand's grating turn as a cheeky spiv.
TORY spiv David Cameron is looking for a "celebrity" to stand against Ken Livingstone for the Lord Mayor's seat in London.
Our bogus second-hand store was called Daley's Deals - after spiv Arthur Daley from TV's Minder Weevenhadcheeky posters with the slogan: "We pay Record cash".
WHEN you think of cowboy movies, day-glo colours, stick-on spiv moustaches and kitsch melodrama are the last things on your mind.
While the sly spiv was worried that Jean being given a job by the company's "executive director of operations" - aka gofer Billy Mitchell - would bring her too close to Janine, he needn't have.
This company and the spivs who ran them allowed these small businesses to go to the wall by the actions of certain people.